Why can’t you lose weight? 6 real reasons

Why can't you lose weight? 6 real reasons

Do you keep eating even when you realize you have to stop? There is a reasonable explanation. Or rather, there are several, and one of them definitely applies to you. So we decide to bring, Why can’t you lose weight? 6 real reasons.

You want to eat your stress

Why can't you lose weight? 6 real reasons

We drown out our problems instead of truly living them. That’s how food addiction comes into play. Add to this, it is a woman’s favorite feeling of guilt, when you feel you are not worthy of love and a beautiful, slim body. This is something everyone sins at times, but it’s important to catch yourself in this silly thought and not allow the mindset to take hold – otherwise, it has every chance of becoming your subconscious life routine.

To find out if eating is indeed your coping strategy, take yourself back in time – with a therapist to guide you or, if you’re up to it, on your own. Try to remember circumstances in your life that may have contributed to your food addiction. When did you start to get fat, and when did you start to worry about your figure? What was the trigger? How often, and what is the comfort you have in your fridge now? And most importantly, by worrying about being overweight, which bigger problems are you putting at the end of your list?

The second step is to learn to distinguish between real hunger and mental hunger, that is, the desire to relax, to switch things up, to distract yourself. One way is to try to eat strictly according to the hour, taking a four-hour break between meals, at least for a week. And when the urge to chew arises, trick yourself into drinking a glass of water and then ask yourself, “Am I really hungry or do I just want to make myself feel good?”

You are protected by your sides and stomach

Why can't you lose weight? 6 real reasons

What am I really afraid of? What is the most important thing in my life? What is my biggest dream? What do I even want? What would I want to change first of all, if everything was possible?

The reason you can’t lose weight is often subconscious fear of real, adult life with its dangers and risks. “Being overweight is a psychological defense, an armor,” explains a psychologist. – “You unconsciously strive to become inedible to the world, hoping to avoid suffering. Fullness is a psychological defense against any change, especially if one is not internally ready for it. 

A new, slimmer body is a new you! And what if you have to change not only your wardrobe but also your lifestyle and work – to re-establish relationships with people who are used to seeing you in XL size.

 Being honest to yourself is a big deal – not surprisingly, change scares many people, and the extra kilos in this case are of secondary benefit. This self-delusion and self-made confidence don’t stop a woman from worrying about her figure and dieting at all – the results, if they do appear, will be short-lived. In this case, it helps to have an honest conversation with yourself. 

Do you listen to your mother?

Why can't you lose weight? 6 real reasons

Many of us were forced to eat every last crumb of food as children. Some, being obedient ones, still choke on pieces that no longer go down their throats, because it is not good to throw food away. And if most of the family is fat, losing weight is a symbolic betrayal of one’s family, a rejection of one’s traditions and roots. This psychological phenomenon is called “ancestral loyalty”. This loyalty can be so strong that we prohibit ourselves from being different. Because food is love. Our parents loved us very much and therefore fed us intensively.

 Refusing to eat or drastically changing eating habits is associated in the subconscious with the fear of losing love. “To lose weight is to break ties with those who loved us for who we are ” is the logical chain built by a French psychiatrist. He also advises learning to listen to yourself carefully – to recognize your food rhythms, measure how much food your body actually needs. For example, you can eat smaller portions than usual for a week, or eat more often than you used to, recording your feelings in between meals.

 And most importantly – tell yourself that you eat (and lose weight at the same time) not for someone or something, but for yourself, and you make a conscious, adult choice.

The obesity gene

Why can't you lose weight? 6 real reasons

To find out why you cannot lose weight, at what intensity you burn calories, how your metabolism works, what is the level of hormones responsible for hunger and fullness (and in each person, depending on the set of genes, these processes run individually), what diet, foods and sports best suit you, you can contact geneticists who will study your genotype and based on their findings will give detailed recommendations on diet and lifestyle. Genetic tests for obesity are now available from many independent laboratories. Of course, you will not only need to undergo the tests but also find a qualified endocrinologist and nutritionist, who will translate them for you and help to make further action program.

You rebel

In some families, children are not fed to death, and, as soon as they begin to understand something, they are frightened by being overweight. In this case, the kilos may be a rebellion against the parent who imposed standards of slimness. Your mother imposed a certain image on you, you want freedom, and the body reacts to the pressure by gaining weight, undermining your self-confidence. And if you’re a secretive person by nature, used to suppress feelings and emotions, the body can begin to express itself for you.

Losing weight is an act of self-assertion, but to do so, you need to learn to explain to those around you what you are doing and the difficulties you are facing in a mature civilized way, rather than quietly eating your misery away. Your brain, meanwhile, sends sigils, And if you’re a secretive person by nature, used to suppress feelings and emotions, the body can begin to express itself for you.

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Losing weight is an act of self-expression, but it requires learning to explain to others what you are doing and the difficulties you are facing in a mature, civilized way, rather than quietly eating your misery away. It’s also very important not to prohibit yourself from doing anything – otherwise, you’ll rebel. A diet, especially a strict one, is always stressful. As soon as it’s over, you reward yourself for the hardships you’ve endured with some nice cakes.

“Stop demonizing certain foods, the more you prohibit yourself, the greater the inner tension and the risk of losing control sooner or later. Give yourself permission to eat everything – just a little at a time. Half a cinnamon bun and a whole bun taste the same; the sharpest gastronomic sensation is the first bite – then you just chew senselessly, out of habit. Or do as many French women do: during the week they follow a diet and at the weekend they eat everything they want – the stomach narrows and you can’t cram a lot into a family meal.

You lack joy

Food – especially sweet food – is happiness. Only because society declared dessert to be happy and we believed it. We have also learned that happiness is about love, sex, and shopping. When we do these things, the body produces endorphins. If the emotions are lacking, endorphin starvation sets in. Psychologists also call it sensory deprivation – a deficit of sensory experience. It’s a characteristic of many modern people, who have so many things to do that they don’t have time to enjoy each and every one of them. Including food – so we try to cram as many meals as possible into five minutes to enhance the experience.

 Try to do nice things slowly – for example, don’t try to have dinner as a guest at three different places in one Saturday night. And expand your list of things that make you happy.

You have a right to be original – admit to yourself that you like brushing your dog, painting your nails, going for Thai massages, reading detective novels, taking a long drive to some beautiful town. You like food, too – among other things. Nutritionists, by the way, advise eating with your eyes closed, listening to your sense of taste. “Turn every meal into a tasting,” The more we try to taste and smell the food, the sooner we get satisfied.

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