What can a tourist do in the Krasnodar, Russia?

What can a tourist do in the Krasnodar, Russia?

Champagne, horses and wild rest. What can a tourist do in the Krasnodar Territory?

The tourist season in the Krasnodar Territory usually starts on July 1. People floods to the resorts: the Internet floods with photos of traffic jams on the roads to the sea and airport halls crowded with travelers. Residents of the Kuban told “The Spherical” what a tourist can do in the region and how to save money during their holidays.

Amazing Things To Do in Krasnodar-

“If you want to save money during Krasnodar trip, stay in the villages”

Olga Kharchenko, blogger, host of the “Hotels in the South” project on YouTube

Visit many waterfalls, swim in deep canyons, taste wines, enjoy the sunset in blue bays, wake up at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains, sunbathe on sandy beaches, make gastronomic discoveries of different cultures. All this can be done in Russia if you spend your vacation in the Kuban.

In order to fill your vacation with impressions, you should not dwell on one city. Plan your itinerary and save money by booking in advance directly on the official hotel websites.

Remember that the most expensive cities are the ones with the best infrastructure. Kuban, Sochi, Adler, Gelendzhik and Anapa are in the lead in this list.

Krasnodar Territory is unique in its diversity – both cultural and natural. In order to have a busy time, you can stay in one city and cover the main attractions in a few days, and the rest of the time relax on the beach or immediately go on a journey through the cities of the coast, stretching from Temryuk to Krasnaya Polyana for 450 kilometers of modern tracks and textured serpentine.

For tourists going on vacation by car, I advise you to think over the route in advance and draw up a personal guide to the places they prefer.

Car on the Dzhubga - Sochi highway (A-147).  This is the only road between Dzhubga and Sochi, ending at the border with Abkhazia, with a length of 170 kilometers along a mountain serpentine
Car on the Dzhubga – Sochi highway (A-147). This is the only road between Dzhubga and Sochi, ending at the border with Abkhazia, with a length of 170 kilometers along a mountain serpentine Photo: Artur Lebedev

“Find cypresses in Sukko, Krasnodar and feast on oysters in Utrish”

The first city on the route is Temryuk. Near it, you can simultaneously swim in the Black and Azov seas on the Chushka spit, improve your health in active mud volcanoes and imbue the Cossack culture in the open-air museum-farm “Ataman”.

In Anapa, you can go to the sandy golden beaches, which are very fond of children because of the flat bottom and warm sea. But it makes no sense to stay there for a long time, so in the morning it is better to go to the next city, not forgetting to visit the village of Sukko in Krasnodar, where you can find a grove of cypress trees growing right in the lake, and the village of Utrish, to enjoy fresh seafood – fish, mussels and oysters.

The entire coast from Anapa to the next destination is famous for its clean bays, rocky azure coasts and a variety of steppe and seascapes

Those who love wine should visit the village of Abrau-Dyurso, where the plant of the same name is located, restaurants, a unique museum in caves, cellars and a beautiful lake in which couples can go for love ride on small boats with the romantic theme songs from French films. From this place you can take with you not only pleasant memories, but also a couple bottles of wine.

Further along the route is the hero-city of Novorossiysk, where from many viewing platforms a view of the impressive seaport which receives huge ships opens. You can even touch one of the dry cargo ships here. There is a motor ship Rio, which sailed from Bulgaria in 2018 and ran aground, and then became a local tourist attraction.

The Largest Open Water Park in Russia

Gelendzhik is one of the leading resort towns, where there is a lot of entertainment, but it is better to start your acquaintance with it from the picturesque bay and embankment, and then spend the whole day in the largest open water park in Russia “Zolotaya Bukhta”. Also in the city you can climb the cable car to the unique “Safari Park”.

Then the city of Tuapse awaits you. This will be the equator of your road trip, ahead of you there will be serpentine roads and passes, which are difficult for a plain inhabitant. Therefore, before leaving in the direction of Greater Sochi, I advise you to stop for a couple of days in the nearby village of Olginka. It is located far from the port infrastructure and is surrounded on all sides by mountains and the sea.

Having gained strength, you can hit the road, not forgetting to stop by the Kiselev rock, where a fragment of the film “The Diamond Arm” was once filmed. The best time to do this is at sunset for the most beautiful views in the city.

"Find cypresses in Sukko and feast on oysters in Utrish"

“End the excursion with a Caucasian feast accompanied by live music”

The closer to Adler, the more entertainment. The first village, which contains all types of entertainment, is Lazarevskoye, where there is an amusement park with the largest Ferris wheel in the region, as well as dolphinariums, penguinariums, aquariums, equestrian acrobatic shows and even the first dolphin therapy in Russia.

But that’s not all. In the Lazarevsky district there is a whole scattering of waterfalls and canyons. First of all, it is worth visiting the picturesque gorges of Mamedovo, Svirskoe and Krabovo.

When approaching Sochi, do not forget to visit the village of Golovinka, where you can spend a whole day on an excursion to the unique tulip tree, 33 waterfalls, horse crossings across the Shakhe River and finish everything with a Caucasian feast accompanied by live music and dances of national groups.

Rosa Khutor
Rosa Khutor

In an hour’s journey, Central Sochi will be waiting for you, where you can simply get confused when choosing places to stay. To simplify the task, I will name several interesting and beautiful locations: a tower on Mount Akhun, from where a panoramic view of the entire city, embankments, a seaport, an abandoned sanatorium named after Ordzhonikidze, an arboretum and a Matsesta balneological complex opens.

In the vicinity of Sochi, you can see picturesque waterfalls (Agurskie with a rise to the Eagle Rocks, Zmeikovskie, Dragon’s mouth and Polykar) and canyons (Psakho rivers, White Rocks, Navalishchenskoye gorge).

Krasnaya Polyana
Krasnaya Polyana

“Hear the breath of the mountains”

Pavel Kochkin , guide, tourism instructor:

Krasnaya Polyana deserves special attention in Sochi, Krasnodar Krai. Walking around the famous Olympic Park and having a rest at the loudest parties in Adler, you want calmness and regularity. For this, tourists go to the mountains.

In the summer, the resort has all the cable cars that can take you to popular trails, but travelers who want to get away from the noise and hear the breath of the mountains are better off going on a one-day or multi-day hike.

Krasnaya Polyana is the center and the beginning of routes of various complexity. From a height of 500 meters above sea level, the ascents begin to the great ridges and their foothills, which are strewn with alpine flowers and cut with ice waterfalls. The trails of the resort will be comfortable for tourists of all skill levels. For families with children, one-day hikes along the equipped trails with ascents by cable cars are suitable.

For the rest, there are many interesting routes in which difficulties in climbing and fatigue from a heavy backpack will be compensated for, by unique views and clean mountain air. The further you go, the more you want to continue your journey

The first route that should be marked in the meadow is the Bzerpinsky cornice, it is simple and beautiful. Climbing to the top of Mount Tabunnaya, you can see the gorge of the Mzymta River, the infrastructure of the village and even Olympic facilities.

This route is suitable for one-day walks, but if you spend the night in the mountains under the arch of the starry sky, you can cover other places in the area: the Dzitaku lake valley, Lake Maloe, glaciers and the peaks of the Pseashkho massifs.


The Achishkho Route

The second route is Achishkho. In order to walk along it, beginners and families with children can get to the first staging post on the way to the top in all-terrain vehicles (height 1700 meters), and from there, without a sharp climb, bypass the Mirror Lake, surrounded by wild rhododendron, towards the waterfalls of Two Brothers which originate from the ridge.

There you can also stay overnight and climb the Achishkho peak itself. If you do not transfer and ascend from the village on your own, the one way trip will be ten kilometers up a steep mountain.

Further – Malaya Laba and Aishkha pass. There will be strong elevation changes and long distances, so people with good training usually go on such a hike – it takes four to seven days.

On the way, there are incredibly beautiful passes that turn the consciousness of the traveler, icy lakes that are shrouded in fog in the evening, peaks where wild Red Book and rare plants bloom, wild animals and birds that do not know people

An important point: if travel along the coast does not require guides, then hiking in the mountains should be accompanied by a professional guide, preferably a resident of Sochi. It is better to choose someone who is really oriented on the terrain. Knows how to adapt to changes in the weather and has experience in dealing with wild animals – for example, bears. When choosing a guide, you must understand that he is the guarantor of your safety.

What can a tourist do in the Krasnodar, Russia?

“Put up a tent on the coast and feel the sea breeze in Krasnodar”

Alexandra Kolganova , blogger:

When my husband and I lived in Krasnodar, we often went to the sea in a car with a tent. This is very convenient: you can stop where you like and move when and where you want.

We, of course, went to guest houses, but we were faced with the fact that the photographs often diverge from reality. Either you see completely wrong conditions, or it is very hot there. Good rooms equipped with air conditioning and other appliances are expensive in the south

The tent will be comfortable even on the hottest day – you can put it right on the coast, and you will always feel the light sea breeze.

For several years we have traveled around different areas of the region, and most of all we liked the Anapa side: there is a warm sea with a gentle sunset, white sand dunes, wide beaches.

In addition, these places have good camping sites, which is important when traveling by car. You can, of course, stay in the wild, where there is no toilet or water, and still pay the owner for parking on a private territory, but it is better to choose a more expensive option with more comfortable conditions – showers, a summer kitchen and houses for living.

Bungalows are very helpful in bad weather, when it is uncomfortable to spend the night in a tent – no need to rush off the spot and urgently look for a roof over your head

Once, when we were there in a thunderstorm, guys came up to us with a proposal to rent a room at a discount. Accommodation came out for only 200 rubles per person (usually it costs 400-500 rubles per day), although it was a house on the first coastline, 50 meters from the sea.

Camping sites are of different levels – from the simplest and budget to glamping on a high cliff, where there are ordinary bungalows, and spacious houses with beautiful sea views that can be rented for a family for a long time.

Supsekh village, stairs to the sea from Lysaya Gora

“We come back here and find something new and interesting”

Living in a tent by the sea is unlike anything, for me it is lightness and freedom that cannot be compared with any hotel. But in order to live comfortably, you need to prepare and stock up on the necessary things.

First of all, the tent – the bigger it is, the better. Over the years, we have changed three tents and settled on a spacious three-seater. It is better to choose a model with a dark awning and a waterproof coating so that you can sleep in it in different weather conditions.

For sleeping, we take a large inflatable mattress with a pump and a light set of bedding. Additionally we have a folding table and chairs, which when unfolded are quite voluminous. You can take them to the beach instead of sun loungers – and sunbathe wherever you want.

We love to cook food on fire, so we definitely bring a brazier, grate and skewers with us. You can buy charcoal and liquid for ignition on the spot. We also do not buy food in advance. You can have breakfast and lunch in the dining rooms on the campground. And in the evening you can arrange a romantic dinner on the seashore with a bottle of Kuban wine. And it is best to buy homemade products from local sellers, which are much tastier than the factory ones.

Life In A Tent

Life in a tent in the Kuban is romance. You wake up early in the morning and smell the sea, hear the sound of surf and cries of seagulls. A smile appears on your face, and you want to sing with joy. You unzip the zipper, run to the water and walk along its edge, enjoying the sun and deserted beach

And at night it is so great to fall asleep in the open sky, under the Kuban stars, planning tomorrow. Go to the Bugaz Spit in the village of Blagoveshchenskaya. There is light sand and turquoise water, or to the village of Supsekh with sheer cliffs and stunning views of the sea, or maybe to Cypress Lake.

There are many beautiful places in the Krasnodar Territory. And even now, having moved to Moscow, we often return here and each time we find something new and interesting.

“The Kuban has everything for active recreation”

Nikolay Kornobay , surfer, resident of Krasnodar Territory:

I moved to the Kuban from Vladivostok ten years ago, and I like it here. The sea, the mountains, and the beautiful views – everything for an active holiday. I organize weekend tours, trekking and horseback riding, and in the summer I mostly go paddle board.

Stand-up paddle boarding is a water sport that has become popular in the Krasnodar Territory. It does not require any special training and is accessible to everyone, including children. This is a type of surfing that doesn’t require waves, wind or current, person just stands on board and paddles.

For such rafting, reservoirs with calm water and beautiful views are suitable. It is rather not even a sport (although the muscles are perfectly worked out during rowing), but a walk, during which we observe interesting natural objects- sheer cliffs, bizarre shores, bays in which you can swim.

For example, we go to the Parus rock in the Gelendzhik region. We row for about two hours, then we rest, swim, have a snack and come back. The whole road takes about four hours, but it is calm. We are not in a hurry, but just enjoy the views

The Capital of Champagne in Russia

Another route is Lake Abrau in the village. It is the capital of champagne in Russia, where the country’s largest factory is located. This is a very picturesque lake, surrounded by a mountain ring. And in the lowland there is a beautiful embankment, fountains, restaurants and cafes. After the walk, you can stay in the village and have dinner and drink champagne.

What can a tourist do in the Krasnodar, Russia?

Also in the region you can go rafting, windsurfing and kitesurfing. The capital of kitesurfing on the Azov Sea is in Yeysk, and on the Black Sea – in Veselovka near Anapa. There is a tent camp where you can stop and study and train every day.

I must say that for fans of outdoor activities in the Kuban there is entertainment for every taste. Jeeping, quad biking, an extreme park where you can fly on a zipline or go rock climbing.

Those who prefer a relaxing holiday can try gastro-tourism or wine tourism. Visit the Abrau-Dyurso factory and taste champagne. Go to the Lefkadia Valley winery, where luxurious vineyards grow.

There are also many horse farms in the Kuban, but I prefer the Amazonka ranch in Kamennomostsky in neighboring Adygea. There are many horses there, they are well looked after, and scenic routes are selected for guests. For example, to the hill, to the Markhot mountain range, from where a beautiful view of the local villages opens.

Krasnodar is an amazing place to visit once in your life.

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