Ultimate 10 Best Things To Do In Iceland

things to do in iceland

10 Things To Do In Iceland,the warmth of Icelanders is disarming, as is their industriousness – they’ve worked well and hard enough to recover from financial turbulence, and to convert Iceland into a location that, thanks to its popularity with guests, will host 5 times its population yearly.

Take a break and give consideration to a medium-sized city in your country then give it far flung universities, airports and hospitals to administer, 30-odd active volcanoes to keep track of, and plenty of hotels to run. How might they cope? Could they take care of as well as the Icelanders and still have time period left over to create spine tickling music and natty knitwear?
So we bring the Ultimate 10 Things To Do In Iceland At One Single Place.

Things To Do In Iceland

blue lagoon
Blue Lagoon/McKay Savage

1. Getting into Hot Water

Iceland’s unofficial leisure activity is splashing around in its excess of geothermal water. You will realize ‘hot pots’ are everywhere, from downtown Reykjavík to the isolated peninsular tips of the Westfjords. Not only are they unbelievably relaxing, they are the perfect remedy to a hangover and a ideal way to meet the locals as this is their social hub, the equivalent of the local pub or town square. The Blue Lagoon is the big cheese, its steaming lagoon full of silica deposits sits conveniently near to Keflavík airport, making it the most relaxing send-off before flying home. Editor’s choice in Things to do in Iceland.

2. Northern Lights

northern lights, things to do in iceland
Northern Lights, Iceland

Everyone longs to glance the Northern Lights , the heavenly kaleidoscope known for converting long winter nights into natural lava lamps. The lights, also called as aurora borealis, form when solar flares are drawn by the earth’s magnetic field in direction of the North Pole. What results are angelic veils of green, white, violet or red light, sparkling and dancing in a display not unlike quiet fireworks. You need to be very lucky in witnessing them, but look for the lights in clear, pitch dark skies anytime between mid-September and mid-April. Editor’s choice in Things to do in Iceland

3. Westfjords

Westfjords,things to do in iceland
Westfjords, Iceland

This is my favorite in our things to do in Iceland list Iceland’s sweeping spectrum of super-lative nature comes to a dramatic climax in the Westfjords – the island’s off-the-beaten-path {adventure journey} par excellence. Broad, multi hued beaches flank the southern coast, booming bird colonies abound, fjord heads tower above and then dive into the deep, and a network of ruddy roads turns throughout, adding an extra edge of journey. The region’s topmost peninsula, Hornstrandir, is the final frontier; its sea cliffs are perilous, the Arctic foxes are foxier, and hiking trails amble through pristine patches of wilderness that practically kiss the Arctic Circle.

4. Jökulsárlón

Jökulsárlón, things to do in iceland
Jökulsárlón, Iceland

A procession that is spiritual of icebergs drifts serenely through the 25-sq-km Jökulsárlón lagoon before floating out to ocean. This scene that is surreal right next to the Ring Road is a natural movie occur fact, you might have experienced it in Batman starts and the James Bond movie Die Another time. The ice calves originate from Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, an offshoot regarding the Vatnajökull ice that is mighty cap. Boat journeys on the list of bergs are well-known, or you can simply wander the lake shore, lookout for seals and deplete your camera’s memory card.

5. Driving the Ring Road

driving the ring road, things to do in iceland
Driving the Ring Road

There’s no better way to discover Iceland than to rent a set of four tires and road-trip Rte 1, passionately known as the Ring Road . This 1330km tarmac trail circles around the island, driving through lavish dales decked with waterfalls, glacier tongues leaking from ice caps like frosting from a cake, desert-like plains of grey out wash sands, and velvety, moss coated lava fields. It’s very incredible but do not forget to detour. Use the Ring Road as your typical canal and follow the veins as they splinter off into the wild.

6. Tröllaskagi Peninsula

Amazing view of Tröllaskagi Peninsula, Iceland/Thomas Rawyler

Touring Tröllaskagi is really a pleasure, especially now that road tunnels connect the stunningly placed townships of Ólafsfjörður and Siglufjörður , when end associated with road settlements. Pit stops with pulling energy consist of Hofsós’ ideal fjordside swimming pool, Lónkot’s fine regional produce and Siglufjörður’s herring museum that is exceptional. You certainly will find panoramas that is wonderful excellent climbing, whale-watching trips, ski industries, microbreweries and ferries to overseas islands Grímsey and Hrísey.Also if you are loving our things you can do In Iceland list make certain to join our newsletter from below.

7. Snæfellsnes Peninsula

Snæfellsnes Peninsula, things to do in iceland
Snæfellsnes Peninsula, Iceland

The Snæfellsnes Peninsula is certainly one of Iceland’s best get away – either as a time journey through the money or as a calming long weekend with its cache of crazy beaches, bird sanctuaries, horse farms and lava fields. It’s small wonder it’s called ‘Iceland in miniature’ – it also hosts a national park and strato-volcano that is glacier-topped. Jules Verne was clearly onto something when he utilized Snæfellsjökull’s crown that is icy his magical doorway to your centre for the planet.
things to do in iceland
Reykjavík’s Cafe

8. Reykjavík’s Cafe Culture & Beer Bars

Reykjavík’s Cafe Culture & Beer Bars, things to do in iceland
Reykjavík’s Cafe Culture & Beer Bars

Petite Reykjavík possess all the treats you’d expect of the money that is european excellent museums and shopping – nevertheless the city’s ratio of coffeehouses to citizens is staggering. In reality, the regional culture that is social built around such low-key hang-outs that crank up the intensity after hours, when tea is swapped for tipples therefore the dance moves are broken out. Hand made caffeine hits and designer microbrews are made with the sobriety that is extreme accidental hipsters sporting well-worn lopapeysur(Icelandic woollen sweaters).

9. Vatnajökull National Park

Vatnajökull National Park, things to do in iceland
Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland

Europe’s biggest national park engulf nearly 14% of Iceland and safeguards mighty Vatnajökull , the enormous ice cap outside the poles (it’s three times the size of Luxembourg). Scores of outlet glaciers stream down from its chilled bulk, while directly below it are active volcanoes and mountain peaks. Yes, this is ground zero for those ‘fire and ice’ sayings. You’ll be spell bound by the diverseness of landscapes, hiking trails and activities inside this super sized park. Given its dimensions, access points are many – start at Skaftafell in the south or Ásbyrgi in the north.

10. Fimmvörðuháls

Trail between Thorsmork and Fimmvorduhals, Iceland
Trail between Thorsmork and Fimmvorduhals, Iceland/Michal Klajban

If you don’t have time to complete one of Iceland’s multiday treks, the 23km, day-long Fimmvörðuháls trek will quench your wanderer’s soul. Start at the sparkling cascade of Skógafoss; hike up into the backwoods to find a authentic parade of waterfalls; gingerly quiet over the steaming remains of the Eyjafjallajökull eruption; and hike along the stone terraces of a flower-filled kingdom that ends in silent Þórsmörk, a haven for campers, bordered by a crown of glacial ridges.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Que: What is the currency of Iceland?

Ans: Icelandic króna (kr or ISK) is the currency of Iceland.

Que: What language is spoken in Iceland?

Ans: Icelandic; English widely spoken throughout the Iceland.

Que: Is Iceland Cashless?

Ans: Iceland is an nearly cashless society where credit cards rule supreme, even in the most remote reaches. PIN required for purchases. ATMs available to you in all towns.

Que: How is the mobile network in Iceland?

Ans: Mobile network is extensive. Visitors with GSM phones can do roaming calls; purchase a local SIM card if you are going to stay for some time .

Que: What does Icelanders follow?

Ans: Western European Time Zone (equal to GMT)

things to do in iceland
Beautiful sunset scene of lake in Iceland

Opening Hours Of Various Places In Iceland

Opening hours vary throughout the year (some places are closed outside the high season). General hours are to be longer from June to August, and shorter from September to May.

  • Banks – 9am–4pm Monday to Friday
  • Cafe-bars – 10am–1am Sunday to Thursday, 10am to between 3am and 6am Friday and Saturday
  • Petrol stations – 8am–10pm or 11pm
  • Restaurants – 11.30am–2.30pm and 6pm–9pm or 10pm
  • Shops – 10am–6pm Monday to Fri-day, 10am–4pm Saturday; some Sunday opening in Reykjavík malls and major shopping strips.

How to travel in Iceland?


Vehicles can be costly to rent but given great convenience. A 2WD vehicle will get you almost everywhere in the summer months. Driving into the highlands and on F roads demands 4WDs.


A relatively good bus system functions from over mid-May to mid-September, shuttling you anywhere between major destinations and into the highlands. Outside these months, services are less constant (even nonexistent).

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