US Makes Alaska Wildlife Refuge Available For Oil And Gas Leasing

US Makes Alaska Wildlife Refuge Available For Oil And Gas Leasing

The US approved a leasing program making almost 1.6 million acres in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) available for oil and gas leasing. And future exploration, growth, and transportation with a potential of 4.3–11.8 billion bbl of technically recoverable oil reserves.

The Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt approved the Coastal Plain Oil and Gas Leasing Program. He signed a record of decision (ROD). The approval determines where and under what terms and conditions leasing will happen in the 1.56-million-acre Coastal Plain in the 19.3-million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Nearly 2 million public feedback despatched to the US Bureau of Land Management have additionally thought-about in creating a plan for the oil and gas program. The Department of Interior made the ultimate environmental impact statement for the leasing program available in September 2019. It considered a variety of options in order to meet energy leasing provisions contained within the Act.

The Act modified the purposes of ANWR administration to include oil and gas development. It required an energy development program to maintain oil flowing within the 800-mile Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPs).

2 Leasing Sales alongside the Coastal Plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

It additionally requires 2 area wide leasing sales, not lower than 400,000 acres each, alongside the Coastal Plain of ANWR. Lease sales should be held within 7 years with the primary lease sale happening earlier than 22 December 2021. And the second lease sale earlier than 22 December 2024. 

The Secretary of the Interior need to grant rights-of-way and easements essential for development of the oil and gas resources. And additionally authorize upto 2,000 surface acres, or .01% ANWR’s 19.3 million acres, to cover by production and support facilities.

The ROD additionally gives protections for surface resources and different uses. Together with subsistence use via a package of lease stipulations and required working procedures for oil and gas activities.

Congress opened 8% of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas development, leaving 92% of the 19.3-million-acre refuge off-limits to energy development by law, together with 8 million acres within the Mollie Beattie Wilderness included within the National Wilderness Preservation System.

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