‘Thomas the Tank Engine’, now you can ride an actual one in Japan

Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine, cutest train you will definitely ever see.

As reported by Time Out, a real-life replica of this beloved train from the children’s television show Thomas The Tank Engine is ready to go to take visitors on a journey around Shizuoka attractions in Japan.

A single day Out With Thomas event officially started on June 26, after being forced to delay its opening as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, based on Time Out.The event is planned to carry on until Oct.19, with daily trips around Shizuoka, that is home to Mount Fuji.The ride is from the Oigawa main line from Shin-Kanaya Station to Senzu Station.

At Shin-Kanaya Station, visitors can tour Thomas’s Maintenance Factory to learn more about how the trains run. And there are fun activities to enjoy both on / off the train. To be able to avoid the spread of coronavirus, you will find extra precautions set up including temperature checks right at the gate and fewer spots for passengers. On board, guests can buy souvenirs, enjoy Thomas-themed bento boxes, and enjoy the beautiful scenery. At Senzu Station, guests can also see Thomas’ friends, Hiro and Percy, Time Out reported.

Oigawa Railway Co Ltd, who runs the train, at first launched it in 2014, Needless to say, this isn’t the 1st time this Thomas-themed has been through Japan.

In case the date is not available, you may want to get in on the lottery now, between June 30 and July 7, for trips scheduled for September and October 2020, if however you be lucky enough to visit Japan this ariving autumn.

Tickets of this special adventure cost ¥6,600 for adults and ¥3,060 for kids, round trip. The tickets can be booked online, although the website is in Japanese language only.

Photo Courtesy ウツダー

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