This student biked 3380 kilometers to home because Covid-19 canceled his flights

This student biked 3380 kilometers to home because Covid-19 canceled his flights

Not everybody was fortunate enough to be in hometown with family members during the midst of the coronavirus lockdowns. 20 year old Kleon Papadimitriou, for instance, was nonetheless still at school of Aberdeen in Scotland, and regardless that he booked a number of flights residence to Athens, Greece, all of them kept  getting canceled.At this point he decide to travel thousands of kilometers, just to reach home.

Nonetheless, on May 10, he was able to go together with a newly bought bike, on which he solely bought the necessities. He packed canned sardines, peanut butter, bread, a sleeping bag, and a tent. Whereas he camped out in woods alongside the way, he generally relied on pals and acquaintances who helped him out with a heat mattress and bathe.

CNN reported,As a substitute of giving up and accepting being quarantined within the northeastern Scottish metropolis away from his household, Papadimitriou made the daring transfer to bike 3380 kilometers residence. Surprisingly enough, the only prior biking expertise he had was competing in a race previous year for which he briefly practiced for just a few weeks. In brief, the third-year school scholar was taking over a very new journey.

“As a comparatively introverted individual, I used to be pressured to sort of get out of my comfort zone within the sense that if I didn’t do some things, I’d not have a spot to live, I’d not have water,”he told CNN. “It pressured me to sort of have these interactions and attain out.”

48 days later, on June 27, he lastly made it to Athens, the place he was welcomed by his family members , pals, and even strangers who kept up along with his travels. “It was very emotional,” he added. “Coming from a household from two guardians  that have been very adventurous of their youthful years, seeing me sort of comply with of their footsteps, I feel very emotional to them and clearly provides me a variety of meaning. However I feel if anything, they felt relief.”

Now that he’s again in Greece, he dedicated to a summer time job and undoubtedly won’t be going wherever for some time.This proves,one can travel any number of kilometers just to meet family.

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