This GPS watch will last up to two months on a single charge

This GPS Garmin watch will last up to two months on a single charge

Over the past few years, more than two or three gadgets of constant use have appeared in the arsenal of most people, which require regular recharging and often let their owners down at the most inopportune moment. The GARMIN company understands that the time of a modern person is a lot of money, and when it comes to choosing a watch, the device must have wide functionality and an innovative recharging system. That is why, in the new launch, the brand introduced GPS watch models with innovative solar-powered battery technology.

Instinct Solar Series

The new Instinct Solar has all the capabilities of the previous version and has additional functionality: the watch can determine the level of blood oxygen saturation, and the Body Battery function helps to optimize the body’s energy resources. Extended battery life and new activity profiles are an added bonus. The release of two variants of the Instinct watch – Instinct Solar – Surf Edition and

Instinct Solar – Tactical Edition

In the “Expedition” mode, under conditions of sufficient exposure to sunlight, the Instinct Solar watch can work without recharging for up to two months. Indoors, without exposure to sunlight, this model works for up to 24 days, and when outdoors in clear weather – more than 50 days.
The Instinct Solar – Surf Edition is water resistant to 100 meters, informs the user of high tides and includes an integrated Surfing activity. The Instinct Solar – Tactical Edition includes special tactical features such as night vision compatibility and stealth mode.

Fēnix 6 series – Solar Editions

The GPS smartwatch collection has been expanded with the fēnix 6S Pro Solar and fēnix 6 Pro Solar models. These new additions feature Garmin Power Glass ™ for solar charging and customizable Power Manager power management mode.

The fēnix 6 Pro Solar device can operate on a single charge in smartwatch mode for up to 14 days indoors and up to 16 days in direct sunlight. In addition to the basic features of all fēnix 6s, the Solar Editions come with new activity profiles such as surfing, mountain biking, and indoor climbing.

The fēnix 6 – Solar Editions comes with preloaded TopoActive Europe travel maps, 2,000 ski resort maps and over 41,000 golf courses, Garmin Pay ™ contactless payments, and memory for hours of up to 2,000 songs.

Tactix Delta – Solar Edition

Built to MIL-STD-810 military standards, tactix Delta – Solar Edition uses solar energy to extend battery life and power management. The watch provides up to 21 days of operation indoors and up to 24 days when exposed to sunlight.

The tactical features of the tactix Delta – Solar Edition include a stealth mode that disables location and wireless communications, and an emergency shutdown switch that erases all user data. In addition to specialized tactical functions, the tactix Delta – Solar Edition model with built-in mapping, music and advanced training functionality can be used both in the field and in everyday life.

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