Amazing Things to Do in Reykjavík, Iceland

Amazing Things to Do in Reykjavík

Why to visit Reykjavík, Iceland?

Amazing Things to Do in Reykjavík, Iceland, the world’s distinguished northerly capital blends colourful buildings, quirky creative folks, crazy nightlife, eye-popping design and an impulsive soul to devastating effect.
In many ways Reykjavík is highly cosmopolitan for its size. After all, it’s simply a town by international standards, and yet it’s loaded with exceptional museums, fascinating art, rich culinary choices, and funky cafes and bars. When you slip behind the shiny tourist-centric cover you will observe a place that mix aesthetic minded ingenuity with a nearly quaint, know-your neighbours good sense of community. Add a backdrop of snow-topped mountains, churning seas and crystal-clear air, and you, like a lot of visitors, may fall helplessly in love, coming back home and already saving to come back.

Things to Do in Reykjavík

History of Reykjavík, Iceland

Ingólfur Arnarson, a Norwegian runaway, set off to become the very first official Icelander in AD 871. The narrative goes that he threw the öndvegissúlur overboard, and got satisfied where the gods washed them ashore. This was at Reykjavík, which he named after steam rising from geothermal grills. In accordance to 12th-century sources, Ingólfur built the farm near modern day Aðalstræti (where excavations have unearthed a Viking longhouse).Reykjavík remained just a typical collection of farm buildings for ages.
In 1225 a crucial Augustinian monastery was established on the offshore island of Viðey, even though this was demolished during the 16th-century Reformation.

In the early 17th century the Danish king imposed a impair trade monopoly on Iceland, leaving the country starve in hunger and destitute. In an offer to stay away from the prohibition ,‘Father of Reykjavík’, the local sheriff Skúli Magnússon, developed tanning ,weaving and wool-dyeing factories – the base of the city – in the 1750s.Reykjavík really sky rocketed during WWII, when it serviced British and US troops stationed at Keflavík.
The capital grew at a wild pace until it took a slamming in the credit crisis of 2008. Today, with continuously expanding visitor numbers and endlessly innovative locals, central Reykjavík has exploded with renewed growth.

List Of Amazing Things To Do In Reykjavík , Iceland

Old Reykjavík

Things to Do in Reykjavík
Old Reykjavík/Bjørn Giesenbauer

The area called Old Reykjavík is the heart of the capital, additionally the focal point of many historic walking tours by having a number of places and interesting historic structures. The location is harbored by Tjörnin, the populous city center pond, and resting between it and Austurvöllur park to the north are the Alþingi (Parliament) and Raðhús (city hall).

Settlement Exhibition (MUSEUM)

Things to Do in Reykjavík

This interesting archaeological museum is founded around a 10th-century Viking long house discovered here from 2001 to 2002, and the some other settlement era discovers from central Reykjavík. It imaginatively mixes technological genius and archeology to give a glance into early Icelandic life. Don’t miss the fragment of boundary wall at the backside of the museum that is older nevertheless (also the oldest framework that is human-made Reykjavík). A wraparound panorama shows how things would have appeared at that time for the long household one of the eye-catching high-tech displays.
Interactive multimedia tables explain the area’s excavations, and a space-age experience panel allows you to steer through various levels of the home development that is very long. Arte facts range from great awk bones to fish-oil lamps and an iron axe. The recent discoveries from ancient workshops close to the current Alþingi include a spindle whorl inscribed with runes.

  • Price adult – kr1500 ,child – free
  • Time – 9am-6pm

Reykjavík Art Museum Hafnarhús (ART MUSEUM)

Things to Do in Reykjavík

Reykjavík Art Museum’s Hafnarhús is a marvelously renovated facility became a soaring exhibition space that is concrete and steel. Though the well curated exhibitions of cutting edge modern art that is icelandic often (think installments, videos, paintings and sculpture), you can invariably count on an area with the comic-book-style paintings of Erró (Guðmundur Guðmundsson), a governmental musician who may have donated thousands of works towards the spot. The cafe, run by Frú Lauga farmers market, has harbour that is fantastic, this will be my favourite from our things you can do in reykjavík list.

  • Price adult – kr1500 ,child – free
  • Time – 10am-5pm

Tjörnin (LAKE)

Things to Do in Reykjavík
Tjörnin Lake

This peaceful lake at the heart of the city is often times locally called the Pond. It echoes with the honks and squawks of more than 40 species of visiting birds, such as swans, geese and Arctic terns; feeding the ducks is a common pastime for the under fives. Attractive sculpture dotted parks like Hljómskálagarður line the southern shorelines, and their tracks are much utilized by cyclists and joggers. In winter robust souls strap on ice skates and change the lake into an exterior rink.

Austurvöllur (PARK)

Things to Do in Reykjavík

Grassy Austurvöllur was earlier part of first settler Ingólfur Arnarson’s hay fields. Now it’s a most popular spot for cafe lounging or lunchtime picnics and summer tanning next to the Alþingi, and is often times used for open-air concerts and political shows. The statue in the middle is of Jón Sigurðsson, who led the campaign for Icelandic freedom.

Alþingi (HISTORIC Building)

Iceland’s initial legislature, the Alþingi, was developed at Þingvellir in AD 930. After losing its independence in the 13th century, the country progressively won back its liberty, and the modern Alþingi settled into this current basalt building in 1881; a stylish glass-and-stone annexe was finished in 2002. Tourists can take part in meetings (four times weekly mid-September to early June; see website for details) when parliament is sitting.

  • Free

Ráðhús (NOTABLE Building)

Reykjavík’s waterside Ráðhús is an astonishingly situated postmodern building and construction of concrete stilts, hued windows and mossy walls arising from Tjörnin. Indoors there’s a 3D topographical map of Iceland, this is my second favourite from our things to do in Reykjavík list.

  • Time – 8am-4pm Mon-Fri
  • Free

Reykjavík Museum of Photography (MUSEUM)

This gallery space above Reykjavík City Library is well worth a visit for its elite exhibits of local photographers. If you take the lift up, go down by the stairs, which are lined with vintage black-and-white photographs.

  • Free

Volcano House (THEATER)

This contemporary theatre with a hands-on lava display in the foyer screens a 55-minute pair of films (hourly) about the Vestmannaeyjar volcanoes and Eyjafjallajökull.

  • Price – Adult- kr1900,Child- Free
  • Time- 9am-10pm

Dómkirkja (CHURCH)

Things to Do in Reykjavík

Iceland’s main church building, Dómkirkja is a modest affair, but it performed a crucial role in the country’s transformation to Lutheranism. The existing building (built in the 18th century and expanded in 1848) is small and perfectly proportioned, with a plain wooden interior animated by glints of gold.

Omnom Chocolate (FACTORY)

Reserve ahead for a tour at this full time service chocolate factory where you’ll experience how cocoa beans are transformed into high-end scrumptious delights. The shop also sells its bonbons and stylish bars, with particularly designed labels and myriad complex flavours. You’ll also find the bars in shops all over Iceland.

  • Time – 8am-5pm Mon-Fri

Hallgrímskirkja (CHURCH)

Things to Do in Reykjavík
Hallgrímskirkja/Brian Gratwicke

Reykjavík’s enormous white-concrete church (1945–86), star of a thousands of postcards, rules the skyline, and is noticeable from up to 20km away. Get an unmissable glimpse of the city by using an elevator trip up to the 74.5m-high tower. In comparison to the high drama outside, the Lutheran church’s interior is simple and quite plain. The most eye catching feature is the vast 5275-pipe organ set up in 1992. The church’s size and absolute design caused controversy, and its architect, Guðjón Samúelsson (1887–1950), never observed its completion.

Culture House (MUSEUM)

Things to Do in Reykjavík
Culture House/John Lord

This collaboration that is very good the National Museum, National Gallery and four other organisations produces an amazingly curated exhibition since the creative and cultural heritage of Iceland from settlement to today. Priceless artefacts are arranged by theme, and features including 14th-century manuscripts, contemporary art and items like the skeleton of the great auk (now extinct). The renovated 1908 building is gorgeous, with great views associated with harbour, and a cafe on the floor flooring. Check website for free guided tours.

  • 10am-5pm May–mid-Sep, closed Mon mid-Sep–Apr
  • Adult – kr1200 Child – free

Reykjavík Art Museum Kjarvalsstaðir (MUSEUM)

The glass-and-wood that is angular, that looks out onto Miklatún Park, is known as for Jóhannes Kjarval (1885–1972), one of Ice-land’s most well liked traditional artists. He had been an employee that is skilled his crew paid for him to review during the Academy of Fine Arts in national money, and his splendidly reminiscent of landscapes share area aboard dynamical instalments of largely Icelandic 20th-century paintings.

  • Adult – kr1300 Child – free
  • 10am-5pm

Icelandic Phallological Museum (MUSEUM)

Things to Do in Reykjavík
Phallological Museum/ThomasWF

Oh, the jokes are endless here, but though this extra museum that is ordinary a large number of penises, it is really done well. From pickled pickles to petrified wood, you can find 286 members being various display, constituting of most Icelandic mammals and beyond. Featured items consists of additions from sperm whales and a bear that is polar minuscule mouse bits, silver castings of every single person in the Icelandic handball team and an individual human test – from dead mountaineer Páll Arason,this is my third favourite from our things to do in Reykjavík list.

  • Adult – kr1250 Child – free
  • 10am-6pm

This pretty load of marble atriums and roomy galleries overlooking Tjörnin offers ever changing exhibitions drawn through the collection that is 10,000 piece. The museum can only exhibit an example that is tiny anytime; shows vary from 19th- and 20th century paintings by Iceland’s favourite sons and daughters (including Jóhannes Kjarval and Nína Sæmundsson) to sculptures made by Sigurjón Ólafsson and others. The museum ticket additionally covers entry to Ásgrímur Jónsson Collection and Sigurjón Ólafsson Museum .

National Museum (MUSEUM)

Things to Do in Reykjavík

This amazing museum displays items from settlement to the age that is contemporary. Displays give a fantastic breakdown of Iceland’s history and tradition, and the guide that is audio adds plenty of detail. The section that is strongest defines the payment age with the way the chieftains ruled as well as the introduction of Christianity and features swords, consuming horns, silver hoards and a strong small bronze figure of Thor. The priceless Valþjófsstaðir that is 13th-century church is carved aided by the end of the knight, his faithful lion and a passel of dragons.

  • Adult – kr1500 Child – free
  • 10am-5pm

Laugardalur (PARK)

Laugardalur eLaugardalur has a stretching that is flourishing of east of the town center. It had been when the main supply of Reykjavík’s hot-water supply: it means ‘Hot-Springs Valley’, and into the park’s centre you’ll find relics from the clean house that is old. The park is a favourite with natives for the huge swim complex , fed by the springtime that is geothermal with a spa, cafe , rink for skating, botanical gardens, sporting and concert arenas, and a kids’ zoo or activity park.

Reykjavík Art Museum Ásmundarsafn (MUSEUM)

There’s one thing greatly playful about Ásmundur Sveinsson’s (1893–1982) vast collection of sculptures put into the studio and museum he designed: the rounded, white Ásmundarsafn. Monumental concrete creations fill the garden exterior, although the haven that is peaceful of interlocking cupolas showcases works in wood, clay and metals, some of them mobile, exploring themes as various as folklore and physics. Soaring skylights and white marble present way to a fun dome, where in fact the acoustics result in the museums ‘must sing policy’ that is strict.

  • Adult – kr1300 Child – free
  • 10am-5pm


The mirrored attic of Perlan, developed by Ingimundur Sveins-son, protects up the geothermal-water that is huge on Öskjuhlíð hill, about 2km through the city centre. The wrap around viewing deck provides a great and tremendous panorama that is 360-degree of and the hills. There’s a cafe (frequently busy with tour teams), therefore in a downpour you can experience the views that are same coffee. The top the dome comprises the Perlan that is high-end dinner artificial geysers keep small kids enthralled. A great deal of hiking and biking tracks criss-cross the hillside one course leads down to Nauthólsvík coastline that is geothermal.

  • Free
  • 10am-10pm

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