The Dirtiest Place In The Cabin Revealed

The Dirtiest Place In The Cabin Revealed

The dirtiest places in the cabin are the folding table and the front seat pocket. Mikhail Lebedev, a specialist at the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, spoke about this in a comment to TASS .

According to him, on the surfaces surrounding the passenger during the flight, a huge number of different microorganisms are found. Pathogens of intestinal, respiratory and other infections. In addition, in the pockets that usually contain magazines and instructions. You can often find extraneous items such as used napkins, food leftovers and other garbage. Lebedev recommended wiping the folding table and armchair handles with damp disinfectant wipes.

The expert named the bathroom and the constantly wet sink as other places most suitable for the growth of microbes. To avoid the ingress of microbes into the body, Lebedev advised to use napkins when opening and closing the toilet door, and after visiting it, wipe your hands with an antibacterial napkin.

In June, a Southwest flight attendant revealed the truth about the cleanliness of some of the items on board. So, according to the assurances of the flight attendant, due to the short break between flights, the crew members cannot thoroughly disinfect individual areas in the cabin. For example, trays and folding tables are often among them.

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