The Da Vinci Method: Program Yourself To Success

The Da Vinci Method: How To Program Yourself To Success

We are used to the fact that good things only come to those who have worked hard, paying full attention to the goal. However, there is another way to achieve success many times faster.

It is believed that he who overcomes obstacles, goes the extra mile, fights the odds, and achieves his goals at any cost is a role model. And we believe it is right, and sometimes we even have complexes if we cannot boast of the same achievements.

However, it’s worth considering, is this pursuit of success worth it? Maybe there’s a simple, more effective way to achieve your goals without driving yourself crazy?

We look into these questions in this blog post and how can Da Vinci’s method be helpful to us for a successful life without breaking a bone. 

What is Flow and how does it work

The Da Vinci Method: How To Program Yourself To Success

Anyone who has ever been in the Flow will not confuse it with anything else. It is a state where it seems that your success is extremely important to the world, and it helps you as much as it can. Everything happens on its own: the right people show up, only things happen that are good for the cause, and you feel lucky. It seems that the universe just hears your wishes. All you have to do is seize every opportunity in time.

Most successful people know how to get into the Flow and stay in it for a long time. Perhaps this is their main secret. However, it turns out that it is a skill just like any other and can be trained. Some techniques help to do this. Everything is available – like learning to walk, read and write.

The subconscious mind is our navigator.

The Da Vinci Method: How To Program Yourself To Success

Our reality depends on more than 95% of what we have stored in our subconscious mind. The environment, our surroundings, we lay a huge number of programs and attitudes in our brain. Just like in a computer. Their set is different for every person. It is the attitudes that form our unique personality: habits, preferences, and spontaneous reactions.

All external information is processed by these programs, and in the end, each of us gets our own picture of the world. The same events will appear very differently to a self-confident person and to someone who is always unlucky. Money doesn’t flow to people who think “money is dirt”. 

It turns out that we are exactly what we set up. If we do not like something, we have to start changing it ourselves. There are several important steps on the road to success:

Finding positive attitude

The Da Vinci Method: How To Program Yourself To Success

First, we need to remove from the subconscious mind those attitudes that are most interfering right now and replace them with the necessary, useful ones. The Da Vinci method allows you to do this as quickly and effectively as possible. For example, instead of saying “I never get sick” you should say “I am always healthy”. The use of the negative particles “not” and “nor” carries a negative connotation, while the attitudes should be as pleasant, life-affirming, and as positive as possible.

But Da Vinci is not about a magic pill that you can take once for life. Work with the subconscious should be done all the time. This method is only a tool of transformation, you will have to work on your own. But the effect you will feel very quickly.

Forgiveness of grudges

In order for the Flow to guide you, you must become an easy person. That means letting go of grudges, letting go of grudges against people, and trusting the world. Let go of the heaviness and you will get dramatic results. But is it so easy to do? In the Da Vinci method, some of the hardest practices are about accepting your parents and abusers.

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Many choose to carry these stones of resentment and instead of happiness choose to remain dissatisfied with life. Doing such practices without the support of a psychologist is not recommended, it is a really painful process. But afterward, it will be as if you have oars, and you yourself can decide how to use the mighty power of the Flow: to speed up or slow down, what fish to catch and whether to stay at the sweet islet longer.

Finding your calling

It is crucial to identify your own calling. Your talent – and it’s definitely there! – will bring joy to you and benefit others. Work that is done with passion is always in demand and pays well. You share what you are rich in and get the resources to keep going. You just have to figure out what you are particularly good at.

Analyze information

Seeing the timing and cause-and-effect relationships is one of the most important skills of a person striving to live well. When you live in the Flow, the space around you tends to help with clues, signs, events. It is important to open your eyes and ears and be able to interpret the incoming information. Few people take it seriously, but signs are a great tool. You are in constant co-creation with the world and are able to minimize bad decisions.

Everyone who chooses to live a balanced life strives for a state of harmony with themselves and the world. A life where every moment is precious. Where there are no mistakes but only experiences, gratitude is a natural state of mind, dreams come true because they are real. Where everyone chooses their unique path and gets everything they need to be happy. Simply because they are worthy of it.

Work with the subconscious mind brings back the brightness of the world and the joy of daily discoveries makes it easy to solve financial issues, find beautiful fulfilling relationships or add new feelings to established relationships, become stronger and more successful.

The Da Vinci Method has been very helpful for the people who implicate it in their life. But, be aware it is not some kind of a life hack which you implicate for one day and you become successful. It takes time to make these changes but once done, peaceful life is no exception.

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