Singapore Airlines Voted the Best International Airline again for 25 Years

singapore airlines

Singapore Airlines,This year’s World’s Best Awards survey closed on March 2, prior to widespread stay at home orders were executed due to COVID-19. The outcome reflect our readers’ experiences before the pandemic, but we hope that this year’s honorees will inspire your trips to come each time they might be.

Even as we see the lists, we inevitably start picturing ourselves lounging at the winning resorts, exploring the most notable islands and cities, and setting sail on the best cruises. But we can’t forget the ones who actually get us to those magnificent destinations to begin with.

Yes, we are talking about airlines, and when it comes down to international air travel, one carrier stands out that beats all others and it has consistently done this for the past 25 years (that is each and every year the whole world’s Best Awards are typically in existence, but who is counting?).

“Excellent customer care that starts in the airport all the solution to the last destination,” a reader wrote. ” ” no doubt be vacationing with them in the future.What is it supposed to be about Singapore Airlines that our readers love so much? First and foremost, the degree of service, particularly in business class.

Giving the greatest compliment, another noted, “What deluxe treatment! I hate to get off the plane.”

Stating their top-quality food service, extras like in-seat yoga, and extremely comfy A380 suites, our in-the-know travelers’ devotion to Singapore Airlines have not waned since 1995. “Singapore wrote the book on excellence in flying,” one wrote. “there is a reason this really is always near the top of the list,” another added. “they simply still do it.”

As an individual who took the whole world’s longest flight twice in four days — that is about 37 hours on Singapore Airlines’ planes within one long weekend — I have to agree.

singapore airlines

The flight alone was like a mid air Canyon Ranch wellness retreat, fully geared at having passengers feel their finest upon landing. Amazingly healthy and fresh meals were served, stretching and do exercises videos encouraged us to help keep moving, and seats that reclined into 78-inch-long beds ensured we got a lot of rest.

I might never be using all the exclamation points our readers did when turning in their enthusiastic comments — “All facets of their service are great!!!!” is a direct quote — but i need to say, We have never gotten off a plane feeling more refreshed.

And also to keep up that level of service for 25 years? Which is something to be proud of.

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