Ryanair Asks to Add Seven Countries in Travel Green List of Ireland

Ryanair Asks to Add Seven Countries in Travel Green List of Ireland

Ireland must urgently revise the green list of nations to which we are able to travel to and from without quarantining. And embrace all EU nations with lower Covid-19 case rates than ours, Ryanair has mentioned.

Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Denmark, Cyprus, Britain and Germany all now have a lower cases than Ireland. Ryanair mentioned there was ‘no justification’ for holding flight restrictions to or from these nations.

A lot of the rise here has been linked to clusters in meat processing plants. Which led to 3 counties – Kildare, Offaly and Laois. Returning to lockdown in the beginning of the month, though it has been lifted in Offaly and Laois.

A Ryanair spokesman mentioned yesterday: ‘In current weeks, while NPHET has continued to maintain Ireland uniquely locked up to worldwide travel, many different EU nations, which allowed the return of intra-EU air travel since July 1, have delivered considerably lower Covid-19 case rates than Ireland, primarily because of quicker test-and-trace services.

‘Most notably Germany, with a 14-day Covid-19 case rate of simply 21. And the UK at 22, are remarkably just like Italy’s low Covid-19 case of merely 18 per 100,000 inhabitants. ‘Regardless of Ireland sustaining the most restrictive travel quarantine in Europe, Ireland’s Covid-19 case rate has increased to over 30.’

No Longer Any Justification For Sustaining Travel Restrictions on Nations Having Lower Covid-19 Cases Than Ireland: Ryanair

The spokesman mentioned there’s ‘no longer any justification for sustaining a failed quarantine on flights to/from different EU nations which have lower Covid-19 case rates than Ireland, together with Portugal, Poland, Denmark, the UK and Germany’, including: ‘Ireland’s case rates proceed to rise as a result of NPHET have failed to deliver an effective track-and-trace system.

‘While residents of Northern Ireland can travel to and from Dublin Airport to over 50 nations. Meanwhile residents of the Republic can solely travel with out quarantine to 9 nations.

‘The UK science and medical specialists have delivered lower Covid-19 case rates than NPHET. Yet they allow secure air travel to and from over 50 nations with out quarantine.’

The spokesman stated it was time to include these other EU nations, most notably the UK and Germany, to the green list so that ‘economic activity can start now that Ireland’s schools have reopened, and the claimed risk of family holidays has receded’.

Travel industry expert Eoghan Corry mentioned the infection figure here increased from 4 or 5 per 100,000 inhabitants to 31 over the previous 14 days. However added: ‘Individuals say the rate per 100,000 is not sensible as some nations have tested enormous proportion of inhabitants. Luxembourg has examined all of the inhabitants and there’s a really high rate. However we don’t know whether they have a high rate as they examined all of the inhabitants or because they are one of the worst-hit nations.’

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