Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center Released River Otter Back to Home

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center Released River Otter Back to Home

From baby bats to frisky foxes to adorable cubs. For more than 40 years The Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center situated near Stroudsburg, Monroe County, has been the ER, hospital, and rehabilitation clinic for almost every wild animal in Pennsylvania. However, earlier this week they released the river otter for the very first time.

Assist. Director Emily Schaeffer informed ,”Really a big deal. They used to be really uncommon in Pennsylvania,”.

Emily Schaeffer informs that they found the North American River Otter on the side of a Brodheadsville road in May. The ticks were present all over the otter and the poor creature suffered from dehydration. Above all, the two-month-old has spent this summer packing on the valuable pounds, learning how to hunt and how to pose for the camera.

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center’s First Experience

Firstly, Schaeffer and her crew weren’t fully confident about the proper way to treat the otter as she was the first river otter of the Center.

Additionally the director explained, “We did a lot of scouring of the internet finding sources. Looking for articles, looking at what needs to be done to feed her,”.

Currently the center takes care of nearly 3,000 patients. Being 100% non-profit as well as non-funded center the pandemic badly hurt its financial health. Donations as well as funds from educational events are way low to run the center efficiently.

“If this continues and we lose momentum and donations. We don’t have the money to buy food and supplies to take care of them,” Schaeffer informed sadly.

However, far away from roads and civilization, the release back into the wild shows you can’t put a price on saying goodbye.

“She immediately took to it. Swam away immediately looking for fish, and that is the greatest feeling in the world and what we do this for,” the director added.

Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center is a 501(3)(c) organization and they are entirely funded by YOUR donations. Moreover, they do not receive any government funding for the services they provide. Your donation can save a life. You can Donate here.

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