In Greece Old Shipwreck Becomes Underwater Museum, Peristera Shipwreck

Peristera shipwreck

Athens newspaper Kathimerini sates, the famous Peristera shipwreck, located from the coast associated with island of Alonissos in Greece, will open to visitors as an underwater museum that divers can in fact visit beginning next month. Greece has recently relaxed restrictions on divers visiting archeological sites, Matador Network reported.

Divers will be able to explore your website with a certified guide, Kathimerini reported. The Ministry of Culture comes with an on-land information center in Alonissos where visitors can learn exactly about the shipwreck via virtual reality — in case you’re not comfortable scuba diving.

The wreck lays 25 meters (82 feet) underneath the water’s surface, Time Out reported, and was considered to be a cargo ship of some kind that sank around 500 B. Recreational divers will be able to dive as much as 28 meters (92 feet) to see the site. C. for pretty much 2,000 years, the Peristera shipwreck was lost to history, but in 1985, a fisherman near Alonissos found a huge selection of ancient wine jars within the sea that resulted in the discovery for the shipwreck, relating to Time Out. Since it was discovered, it was closed to your public, only allowing scientists and researchers to explore its watery depths.

Relating to Matador Network, the wooden shell for the ship has been worn away because of the ocean, but there clearly was still lots to explore, including an up close glance at a number of the ship’s wine jars, in addition to colorful sea life that live around the wreck.If you need to head to this museum, make sure you grab some scuba gear.

The nation started initially to allow people to go to the Acropolis back in May, together with country officially opened to tourists from some countries beginning June 15. The dive site will only most probably between August 2 and October 3 this year, and contains intends to reopen again during summer of 2021, according to Matador Network. Greece happens to be slowly reopening the country to tourists again.

Based on Visit Greece, the country has reopened to all or any countries, except from those seriously impacted by the pandemic, which includes the United States.

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