Mount Sinabung, volcanic eruption caught on video

Mount Sinabung, volcanic eruption caught on video
Mount Sinabung

The eruption of Mount Sinabung, located in the north of the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, caught on video.The Jakarta Post published the footage on Tuesday, August 11.

The recording shows how the crater of the volcano threw a powerful cloud of ash into the sky. As noted, the height of the pillar was more than five kilometers. Local residents and guests of the popular resort complained that after that the pungent smell of burning filled the island. Because of which people simply “have nothing to breathe.”

According to the tabloid, the day before, on August 10, the volcano erupted twice. The second time the ash column rose to a height of two kilometers. Due to the incident people had to leave all their affairs because the ash covered the area with thick layer. But thankfully everyone was safe and no one injured due to the accident.

Indonesian volcanologists said that volcanic eruptions like Mount Sinabung eruption could happen again and urged local residents to be as careful as possible. In 2014, similar events killed 16 people, and two years later, the eruption caused death of seven Indonesians.

On June 30, it was reported that an Australian survivor of a volcanic eruption on the Isle of Wight, New Zealand, spoke of her injuries. According to Stephanie Browitt, her hands literally “melted before her eyes. ” And she received severe burns on 70 percent of her skin.

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