Mexico’s Wildlife Officers Captured the Friendly Black Bear in Nuevo León

Mexico's Wildlife Officers Captured the Friendly Black Bear in Nuevo León

The Mexico’s Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA) captured the black bear (Ursus Americanus). It approached ladies visiting the Chipinque Ecological Park as well as neighbors of the San Pedro Municipality in Nuevo León. And it is under the protection of the state branch of the Environmental Protection Federal Prosecutor that may determine what’s going to happen to the animal.

Nuevo León’s Parks and Wildlife direction informed that PROFEPA captured the black bear on Wednesday afternoon on the Valle de San Ángel neighborhood of the San Pedro municipality after a neighbor called 911.

Employees from the Parks and Wildlife direction attended the call, along with personnel from Mexico’s Federal Environmental Protection Agency (PROFEPA). Who, after finding the animal, held it “via chemical contention. ” Which doesn’t put its health in danger and as soon as they caught him. They saw it had an ID ring on an ear with the number 34, which corresponds to the bear that approached hikers some weeks in the past after which adopted a girl in a residential space close to the Nuevo León ecological park.

After catching it, Wildlife officers carried out a medical analysis of the bear. And PROFEPA then seized the bear and may determine what’s going to happen to it.

Irregular Behavior Caused By Human Beings.”

In this regard, folks have reached, via a petition on online platform that the animal shouldn’t sent to zoo. As they suppose it’s unfair for it to be taken out of its habitat. Since people are the ones who’ve invaded its territory and have proposed that it’ll go to a faraway space of the mountainous area as an alternative.

The petition says that “the Nuevo León government have declared that it’ll catch the bear that have lately recorded and photographed at Chipinque to then take it to a zoo. The bear is in its natural habitat and should not be punished by taking it out of there. As we, people, have invaded its dwelling; please, assist me keep it dwelling.”

Administrators at Chipinque mentioned, “this type of method of a black bear to a visitor is an irregular behavior. And caused due to human beings.”

Turned into a “Threat”

Authorities assume bear 34 has turn into a “threat” as  it’s not afraid of people and will assault them any time it approaches them. Furthermore, it is also in danger.

The bear was first seen approaching a bunch of hikers in the Chipinque ecological park. For a couple of seconds, the bear got close to 2 female hikers who stood nonetheless and snapped a couple of selfies with the animal.

The viral video exhibits that each ladies stayed calm whereas different hikers tried to scare the bear away. And requested the ladies to not move to prevent the bear from attacking them.

One other video confirmed the same bear following a girl and standing in her manner in road of close-by residential space.

The video exhibits the bear following and sniffing a girl whereas she was slowly walking on the road to securely escape from it.

Nevertheless, there was a second during which the bear grabbed the lady from certainly one of her legs, forcing her to cease whereas a person requested her to remain calm and to not move. Regardless of the shock, nobody was harmed.

A lot of these occasions and sightings are widespread in close by residential areas, particularly throughout the dry season. Based on specialists, the bears depart the mountains to seek water and meals.

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