Lexus UX
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Lexus UX, the interior of the new model is no less beautiful, the design is based on Japanese architectural concept of Engawa. Feel at home in luxury and comfort- best to drive in an environment that offers openness along with security.

Lexus UX is ready to become an “urban explorer” (Urban EXplorer) and focuses on modern, energetic people seeking a vibrant and dynamic approach to down sloping lifestyle. The title also describes two fundamental mental characteristics of the new compact crossover: Urban (urban) + X-over (crossover) = UX.

lexus ux atomic silver
© Lexus

The incredible dynamics of the Lexus UX are amazing with its new ultra-light platform. Developers can increase the overall strength of the structure, especially in the important lowest places – in the area of ​​the rear doors and the tailgate branches. The latest adhesives were used at key points substances and spot laser welding, which significantly increased the overall body rigidity.

Lexus UX has the lowest center of gravity in its class, which noticeably affects the speed characteristics and the general appearance of the Car. This was achievable through a targeted reduction in weight characteristics. It uses aluminum for side doors, fenders and bonnet lightweight, and for the tailgate niya – material using resins. Due to its compactness Lexus UX has a turning radius of only 5.9 meters – the best indicator in the segment. In addition, the Lexus UX is equipped with specially tuned suspension with modified springs and stabilizers, as well as effective shock absorbents. Besides In addition, the vehicle offers an adaptive suspension with fast responsiveness fitted to the Lexus LC coupe.

Amazing Features of Lexus UX

lexus ux interior
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Once behind the wheel of the new Lexus UX, you can easily take comfortable position. The seats are incredibly comfortable and provide excellent road view. Leather-covered steering wheel hand-sewn, and shifting gears is very easy thanks to the pestles located on the steering column. Accelerator pedal surprisingly responsive thanks to electronic shift-by- technology wire. Ergonomic dashboard with virtually no distraction in attention of the driver from the road. And it is equipped with innovative technology, including a wireless charger for telephone and wireless illumination of air duct handles.

Amazing Display of Lexus

You can Control conveniently Lexus UX 10.3 inches large center display by both voice commands, and through the new touch panel, which works like a smart background. Splitting the screen into multiple zones allows simultaneous search for information in several zones. For example, study navigation system maps and information about weather. The Panoramic View Monitor displays an image from four cameras, which allows the driver to get a panoramic the image of the space around the car and thus simplifies movement in environments. In addition to this, a three-dimensional virtual image of your car, as if you look at it from the side, with guides helping perform maneuvering in confined spaces.

lexus ux cockpit
© Lexus

The head-up display also enhances maneuverability in Lexus UX models, bringing important data into the driver’s field of vision. Large color display shows information on its virtual screen located visually at a distance 2.5 meters in front of driver. Which makes it easier to view important data without leaving the road.

Information in bright, high contrast the nominal display is easily distinguishable in daylight and under conditions snowfall. New crossover Lexus UX challenges all previous models. Bold design reflects incredible power, and graceful the shape of the surfaces makes the image stylish and dynamic. So on a unique car appears on the road.

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