Kim Jong-un unusual travel habit explained

Kim Jong-un's unusual travel habit explained
Photo by Shealah Craighead

Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader Kim Jong-un does not leave his home without a personal toilet. Above all, vehicles for traveling around the country and a private car have them equipped, according to Mirror.

The North Korean leader’s unusual travel habit is explained by the need to hide his feces from prying eyes. According to sources, it is unthinkable for Kim Jong-un to use the public toilet, as the chair contains information about his health. Moreover it is possible that if he took medication, the feces can have a traces of them.

Anyone caught using one of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader’s private latrines, monitored by bodyguards, can be sentence to death.

A Human Cortege

Journalists also drew attention to other non-standard habits of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea leader. A “human cortege” of 12 bodyguards who ran after the vehicle. Kim Jong-un prefers to travel exclusively on a slow, bulletproof train, rather than on a private jet. The head of state needs three trains: one for security, one for security, and one for himself.

In April, Kim Jong-un disappeared from the media, after which there were rumors about the possible death or illness of the politician. Former Democratic People’s Republic of Korea ambassador to London Tae Yong Ho, who fled to South Korea in 2016, said that the North Korean leader cannot stand up on his own or walk normally. There was information that he was allegedly in a “vegetative state”. In Russia, rumors of Kim Jong-un’s death were denied. In the United States, they called Kim Jong-un’s disappearance unusual and prepared for anything. This May, the leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea appeared in public.

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