KAMCHATKA, The Amazing Land of Volcanoes



The eastern side of Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula juts into the Pacific Ocean west of Alaska. In this winter image, a volcanic terrain is hidden under snow-covered peaks and valley glaciers feed blue ice into coastal waters.
The eastern side of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula juts into the Pacific Ocean west of Alaska. In this winter image, a volcanic terrain is hidden under snow-covered peaks and valley glaciers feed blue ice into coastal waters.


The natural visiting card of Kamchatka Krai is numerous glacial geysers and volcanoes. They occupy about 40% of all the territory of Kamchatka. People from all over the world are coming here to watch the peninsula steam. Many people say that you can only die after you saw Paris. We disagree with them: everyone at least once in life must take a walk in the Valley of Geysers. Valley is the most visited place in Kamchatka! Eruption of the Great the geysers, the Fickle and the Gates of Hell force feel the full power of nature. Volcanoes are scattered throughout the region.

KAMCHATKA, Land of Volcanoes

 There are about 330 of them, but there are only 29 active. It is impossible to guess when exactly will be eruption, so do not count on it to successfully see the volcano in action. But such giants as Karymskaya and Zhupanovskaya hills, erupt quite often (every 4-5 years). Eyewitnesses say that what they saw got printed forever in memory. For the last time Zhupanovskaya Sopka erupted in 2015, so a new volcanic ash throw. It is definitely worth climbing volcano Klyuchevskaya Sopka. It is the highest volcano in Eurasia. Its height is 4750 meters, and it erupts at-approximately once every five years.


surfing in KAMCHATKA

Due to its location, Kamchatka Krai is popular among surfers all over the world. Every year everyone comes here more people and winter surfing is becoming more fashionable (since the summer season is only four months). One of the main surf spots in Kamchatka – Khalaktyrsky beach with its famous black volcanic sand. It is because of the wind, heading towards the Pacific Ocean, every year comes here a huge number of fans to catch a wave. But surf not only in the ocean. Kamchatka is washed by the Okhotsk and The Bering Sea, on the shores of which surfing schools are located. We take a wet suit – and go!



Helicopter companies are in great demand in Kamchatka. It is impossible to fully enjoy the beauty this peninsula without a helicopter flight. To many geysers, volcanoes and simply picturesque places are not possible to reach by walking. The tour must be planned in advance,there are queues a month in advance. To get inside the lake crater of the Khangar volcano is possible only by helicopter, and namely for the sake of this stunning reservoir, many come at all to the Far East.


KAMCHATKA, Land of Volcanoes

The main visiting card of the region is, of course, the Far waste crab. This name is familiar to almost everyone. In a restaurant specializing in seafood, you will definitely meet this position on the menu. But the price of such a crab on Kamchatka is much lower than the restaurant one, and in its capacity you can do not doubt. You should definitely try the real Kamchatka ear. At the same time, it is advisable to admire the stunning overlooking one of the volcanoes. Even the most sophisticated gourmet salmon will not leave indifferent the traditional cuisine of peoples Kamchatka. 

But the price of such a crab on Kamchatke is much lower than the restaurant one,

The fish salad with berries is a delight! A separate reason to visit the Kamchatka Territory is the fresh beauty naya caviar. Many people think they will eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but we hasten to disappoint you: the price of caviar is almost the same as and in any other region of Russia. But the quality is much better here! You can go to the market, taste different types caviar and buy yourself at least a jar (you can afford it a lot will not hit).

The fishing industry is an integral part culture of Kamchatka. With restaurants in Kamchatka, of course, everything is not as good as in Moscow or St. Petersburg, but a couple of interesting places you can find it. In the Kamchatka Local Kitchen restaurant you can taste traditional cuisine with a modern twist. For an appetizer, they recommend crab rolls for 660 rubles or a salad with an octopus for 750.

Waterfall in a Dangerous Canyon near Mutnovsky volcano in Kamchatka.
Waterfall in a Dangerous Canyon near Mutnovsky volcano in Kamchatka.

For a hot meal you can take excellent venison with perlotto or homemade seafood pasta. Paste will come out at 650 rubles, and venison – at 550.


The totem animal of Kamchatka is a bear. They are present in numerous parks and nature reserves. In Kronotsky nature reserve even has special boat excursion to admire this powerful majestic beast. True, the price of this excursion bites – from 42,000 rubles. But you can also meet them on regular routes. The most favorite place of the clubfoot is the Tolud pass. Be sure to follow paths and do not offend bears, then from meeting with an animal you will have only positive memories.


The most inaccessible part of Kamchatka with stunning flora swarm and fauna. To get there, you need to go through several tests. Since the zone is borderline, you need to take a permit for visit at the border department of the FSB Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The journey itself is a lot of hassle. Get there to the islands of Kunashir and Iturup in two ways: by plane from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk or by motor ship from the city Korsakov. Get ready for plane tickets to arrive you have to buy 3-4 months before departure. They run out at the speed of light. No flights on Mondays and Thursday sat all. The motor ship departs twice a week, but buy tickets online for it are not allowed.

 Flights are often cancelled due to weather that is constant in the Kuril Islands. So there is a probability that it will be problematic to fly there or back. And this is not just a 3-4 hour delay. Sometimes flights gets postponed for two weeks. But there is no need to be afraid of all of the above, because that the islands are a must-see! Only there is wild magnolia grows, and instead of grass you will see a tall bum beech. You can find wild berries everywhere: cloud berries, blueberries. Remnants of Japanese history can be traced everywhere.The islands are an original and incredibly interesting place.


In addition to helicopter tours, which we talk about, you can also book a trip to off-road vehicles in Kamchatka. There are a lot of routes for every taste. For example measures, you can feel like a hero of a post-apocalyptic novel and go to the Dead Forest. In winter, you can ride deer and northern dogs, feel the flavor of the peoples of this land. At any time of the year, we advise you to go to the river travel by kayaks and make friends with the inhabitants of the water places of the edge. It is very likely that you will see sea lions and killer whales in their natural habitat


You can’t find the usual hotels in Kamchatka Radisson, Azimut. But that doesn’t mean there’s nowhere to stop. The easiest way is to rent a good apartment anywhere in the region where you can feel at home. If you search in advance and think over everything, you can find stylish rooms in magical hotels with a twist. Most of the new trendy hotels have a spa, hot source right on site; and a great menu. For example, St Timon Mountain Shelter takes care of ecology, this hotel is located on the territory of a natural reserve, far from settlements.

The hotel uses solar panels, collectors,live without waste production. In the restaurant on the first the floor serves dishes made with seasonal ingredients. Night in the standard room will cost you 20 thousand rubles. Despite the presence of the giants of hotel industry known to us, Kamchatka has interesting private accommodation.

They will help you experience nature and stunning the atmosphere of this region. In the “Ideal Cube” apart-hotel you will find rooms in a minimalist style, decorated natural materials. An exciting window will open view of the Kamchatka forest, and in your free time you can swim in the hot spring in the hotel courtyard. Many people associate Kamchatka with words such as”Distant”, “distant”. But today, thanks to active the development of the tourist infrastructure of the region, it became much closer.

Six are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List specially protected natural objects, united by a common name “Volcanoes of Kamchatka”. But no statistics are required to replace those feelings and emotions that await everyone who at least once set foot on this earth.

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