Jetboil Zip Cooking System Review UK 2021

jetboil Zip Cooking System review uk

After 5 years of extensive use of Jetboil Zip Cooking System, I finally decided to write down this review and share my experience. This stove is hands down one of the best cooking system at this price point one can buy. From it’s weight to capacity ratio to it’s easy portability. This is a must have system if you are a wanderer like me.

Some of the major features to look in Jetboil Zip Stove

  • It uses half of the fuel of what it’s competitor use and can boil water in approximately 2 minutes.
  • Comes with an insulated cooking cup to keep the water heated for longer times.
  • You even get a fuel canister stabilizer to keep things stable while in work
  • Very Lightweight

Group Size
1-2 People

    Water Boiled
    12 liters per
    100 g Jetpower can

    • Very easy to set up
    • Lightweight
    • Boils water very quickly
    • Very Stable
    • A little small for a group of 3 or more
    • Separating the cup from the stove when hot

    Jetboil Zip Cooking System Review

    If you are someone who is looking forward to long time investment into a stove which can last you an apocalypse, built like a tank and is so compact and light that you can run as fast as you can, Jetboil Zip Stove is for you. There are more models made by Jetboil and Jetboil Zip Cooking System is on the cheaper side. It is compact and gets the job done same as it’s big brothers.

    Last year me and my family did a camping trip to Ecocamp Glenshee, Cairngorms for almost more than a week. We went on trails everyday in the morning and returned by the evening, but we used to eat our breakfast at the campsite itself. We boiled water everyday and we sometimes made quick instant oatmeal with it. Let me tell you! this thing boils water like a Jet!

    Jetboil Zip Cooking System Review UK 2021

    We would not come back to the campsite by the late evening so we took frozen camp food to fill our hungry stomachs throughout the day. We used to make 2 bags each meal for a total of 4 people . The gas canister emptied till the last day of camping.

    Upon my experience, the plastic legs which come with it makes the whole job a lot easier and whole process more confident. Also don’t forget to bring lighter with you because it’s very hard to light it with matchbox and it does not has any auto light feature.


    A very well designed stove. It is stable and heats very quickly and efficiently (much more efficient than minimalist stoves, for example). Its only defect is the unscrewing of the container when the water is hot. Separate the cup from the stove as such and it is not always easy when the set is hot. A small flaw that is quickly forgotten when you appreciate the whole system. Good to know: only 100 g cartridges can be stored in the container to make a compact system. The other cartridges (230 g, etc.) are too large in diameter.

    It is equipped with a tripod stabilizer for the gas cylinder, the cap, made of silicone, and the lower protective cover can be used as a cup.Very fast to bring the water to a boil or simply to heat it, even if it is small (0.8 L) it is perfect for cooking any dish, from pasta to tea or herbal teas.The packaging is very durable and once opened the product you can immediately notice the high quality; it satisfied me every time I used it. Very recommended also being the cheapest model.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Gas Does Jetboil Zip Cooking System (Jetboil Zip Stove) Use?

    Jetboil Zip uses Jetpower fuel, which is 100g per canister.

    Can I carry my Jetboil Zip Cooking System (Jetboil Zip Stove) in plane?

    Yes, the stove can be carried in comercial planes but not with fuel.