In Turkey, on the beach, security guards beat a famous top model

In Turkey, on the beach, security guards beat a famous top model

The network scandal involved the popular Turkish beach Momo in the resort of Cesme: Ukrainian top model Daria Kirilyuk stated on her Instagram that the beach guards beat the girl herself and her friends.

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I don’t wanna keep quiet and tell the story what happened to me, my boyfriend and our group. We were attacked by the security of Momo Beach( Çeşme, Turkey). Four girls were punched on the face (including me) and the guys were badly hurt. We gave police detailed reports. We should not turn a blind eye to what happened and stop #stoptheviolenceagainstwomen Sessiz kalmak istemiyorum ve hikayemi bana, erkek arkadaşım ve grubumuza ne olduğunu anlatmak istiyorum. Momo Plajı'nın (Çeşme, Türkiye) güvenliği bize saldırdı. Dört kız (ben dahil) yüzüne yumruk atıldı ve çocuklar kötü yaralandı. Polise ayrıntılı raporlar verdik. Olanlara kör bir göz çevirip durmamalıyız #stoptheviolenceagainstwomen #metoo @momodalyan @milliyetcomtr @hurriyetkelebek @hurriyetcomtr @sabah @takvim Я не хочу молчать и рассказывать историю, что случилось со мной, моим парнем и нашей группой. На нас напала служба безопасности пляжа Момо (Чешме, Турция). Четыре девушки были избиты по лицу (включая меня), и парни сильно пострадали. Мы дали полиции подробные отчеты. Мы не должны закрывать глаза на то, что произошло! #challengeaccepted

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According to the top model, the incident occurred when Daria and her boyfriend were relaxing on the beach with their friends. All of them were badly hurt as a result of the attack by local personnel. At the same time, the Turks beat not only the men, but also hit the model in the face. Besides her, four more girls were beaten. A video has already appeared on the network of how the guards beat the resting people with their hands and feet.

The model herself and her friends have already reported that they have written statements to the police. The wounds were treated at the hospital. In addition, she turned to subscribers for help and support. Colleagues from Turkish show business are already spreading information.

At the same time, the beach staff responded by accusing the model of libel. The site contains information that the brawl was started by the company of Ukrainians, the guards only separated the protesters. Additionally, the injured top model demands to present recordings from surveillance cameras. “This is some kind of madness! They beat us, and now they say that it was my boyfriend who beat me! You should be ashamed, liars! ”- she says.

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