In Cyprus, they calculated the loss of tourists this year and were horrified

In Cyprus, they calculated the loss of tourists this year and were horrified

Cyprus does not expect more than 20-25% of last year’s record tourist flow of 3.97 million tourists this year, including because the main markets, including the Russian one, are “closed” due to the pandemic. However, they do not plan to allow any relief in the country.

Such an assessment of the situation was presented by Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios, who warned that tourism revenues would decrease accordingly this year. At the same time, according to his forecasts, the tourism industry will experience a longer impact of the pandemic than other sectors of the Cyprus economy. “People are likely to be more careful when traveling abroad,” he told the Associated Press.

Note that only direct income from tourism is more than 13% of the economy of Cyprus – about 22 billion euros. At the same time, although the country has opened since June 9, the pace of “opening” remains extremely slow and cautious. The government has created a tiered system of travel restrictions that “sorts” countries according to the level of coronavirus infection. 

So, tourists from 21 countries from category B, with an average level of risk, must present a negative test for coronavirus, no later than three days before boarding a flight. And visitors from countries of category C, that is, with a high risk, are allowed into the country only “through” a 14-day quarantine.

At the same time, the UK was planned to be transferred to category B from August 1, however, as noted by Mr. Perdios, the mandatory requirements for coronavirus tests could become an obstacle. “We expect that as long as the UK is in Category B … we will be getting about 25% of the usual market performance, mostly solo travelers,” he said. At the same time, as the Deputy Minister of Tourism of Cyprus says, “at this stage, public health is the country’s top priority. No compromise on health issues is possible. ”

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