How to tell if you are a prick: 4 signs

How to tell if you are a prick: 4 signs

If you have occasional doubts about your behaviour, observe yourself in the most ordinary situations.

All the things we do in society in one way or another reflect our choice to conform to social norms or not. They can therefore tell us a lot about ourselves. This is especially true if the act does not lead to obvious negative consequences or punishment.

For example, everyone knows that you will go to prison for stealing. But if you don’t put your trolley back in the supermarket or squeeze ahead of others in line, you’ll get nothing but stares or verbal comments. This is why behaviour in such situations is a good test for identifying pricks. That is people who have no respect for others and ignore socially accepted rules of behaviour.

If you’ve ever had the thought “Am I a prick?” in your head, examine how you behave in the most common everyday situations.

1. Do you throw waste in the street

There is a story that Walt Disney when he created his famous park, checked how often people threw rubbish on the ground as they walked. It turned out about every nine meters. And he ordered that bins be placed in appropriate places so that Disneyland would always be clean.

We live in a very different environment, but that’s no reason to litter wherever you can. All waste should go into a bin. If there isn’t one nearby, take what needs to be thrown away with you. Leaving rubbish in the stairwell, next to the bin, in public places and nature is disrespectful to others.

2. Letting people out of the door

You have probably found yourself in a situation where you have to get off the train or get out of a shop and someone comes rushing out the door before everyone else. This creates unnecessary crowding and simply shows a lack of respect. And if it’s on public transport, it also slows it down.

3. Do you clean up after your dog

This is probably the most telling sign of a prick. Naturally, no one likes picking up piles of poop, but stepping in someone else’s is not pleasant either. So why doesn’t anyone feel the need to clean up what’s left after a walk?

4. Do you put the shopping trolley back in its place at the supermarket

In the spring of 2020, the so-called Shopping Cart Theory became popular on the web. According to this theory, you can judge a person’s character by the way they handle their trolley.

If you put it back, you are a good person and treat other customers and supermarket staff with respect and observe social norms without expecting anything as a reward. Well, if you drop it in the middle of the shop or in the car park, you turn into a real prick, because the action is effortless.

This theory is so well suited to identifying pricks because in a trolley situation there’s no pressure on the person: there’s no law that says you have to put it back in its place. If you do it, it’s only because you yourself think it’s right.

Of course, you can say that life, in general, is unfair and that all the above situations are just trifles. That you personally can not affect the living conditions in the country. But you can throw your rubbish in a trashcan and clean up after your dog and life around you will be a little better.

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