From world classics to relationship psychology: 3 books to read in August

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Summer is in full swing, and the only available places for a variety of home entertainment are lakes and parks, it’s time to plunge into the world of best-selling books. Publishing house “AST” presented a list of new products in August, with which even ordinary apartment everyday life will become a fascinating pastime in the world of psychology, history and fantasy.

Helen Hoang “The Kiss Quotient”

What to be guided by when choosing a partner for a relationship – love or logic? Stella Lane, a beautiful, independent, well-to-do woman in her thirties, ponders this question in the 2018 Goodreads Choice Awards winner book The Kiss Quotient. Because of Asperger’s, it is much easier for Stella to build relationships with numbers than with people. But the girl believes that she will be able to overcome the fear of contact with the opposite sex, and that is why she hires a professional – Michael Fan. He is a charming guy with Swedish-Vietnamese roots from an escort who will make Stella understand that sometimes love is more important than logic.

Susan Goldring “My Name is Eva”

Promises make a person pay a high price. Susan Goldring is also thinking about this. She tells the story of Evelyn Taylor-Clark, a good-natured elderly lady who is living her last days at the Forest Glades Asylum. But her past keeps secrets that she remembers to the smallest detail. Pat, Evelyn’s niece, sorting through the archives, finds wartime photographs, a passport in a false name and other personal belongings and gives them to her aunt. Looking at these documents, Evelyn is transported into the past. She recalls how she once went to a terrible place to take revenge on the man who sent her husband to death. Evelyn found herself caught up in a world of pain and betrayal that changed her forever.

Victoria Mas “Le Bal des folles”

Le Bal des folles is the debut novel by French writer Victoria Mas. It is based on real events and takes place in Paris in the late 19th century, when rebellious women were often sent to psychiatric clinics. Every year, renowned neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot puts on a bizarre costume ball at the Salpetriere hospital with his patients. This is a masquerade in which everyone behaves like a real social party. At this terrible and wild celebration, the destinies of women intersect: the old prostitute Teresa, the little victim of violence Louise, Genevieve and Eugenie Clery, who talks with the souls of the dead. What will the coming feast of madness turn into for them?

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