Drusillas Park at Sussex is Flourishing with New Babies

Drusillas Park is Flourishing Greatly with New Babies
A baby squirrel monkey is among the new animals to see at Drusillas Park/ Drusillas Park

Among the beings born at Drusillas Park are a wallaby joey, a baby silvery marmoset monkey, three baby cotton top tamarins, a baby kookaburra, a baby squirrel monkey, a baby spectacled owl and six baby meerkats.

Zookeepers are keeping a close eye for any additional extra-curricular zoo activity in the expectations for more babies to appear. 

“We’re not sure what has got into the animals. There’re babies cropping up all over the place”, said Sophie Leadbitter, the head keeper at Drusillas Park.

“All our youngsters are making great progress and it is great to see them taking their first steps outside.”

Sophie further added,”We’re always excited by new arrivals at the zoo. They’re incredibly popular in the public and our staff and are a real pleasure to see.”

“However, they’ll also prove invaluable to the breeding programs they represent, which have been set up to help ensure a species future survival.”

The park has just reopened after 97 days of shutting due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Sophie also informed that the park opened in time for visitors to see the babies. As it would have been ‘such a shame’ if they had to stay closed.

“It is been great to see the babies interacting with the public from their enclosures and to see the curiosity in their eyes as visitors arrive every day.

“Babies are always special, but after such a tumultuous year, they really are a very welcome slice of joy.”, she further informed.

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