Croatia Changes Travel Advice Due to Rising Coronavirus Cases

Croatia Changes Travel Advice: Must Know If You Have Booked a Holiday

Croatia holidays are off the cards for Brits after the Foreign Office has modified its travel advice, warning holidaymakers to keep away from ‘all but important travel’ to the vacation hot-spot.

The news comes after a rising number of coronavirus instances within the nation.

Croatia joins the likes of Spain, France, Malta, Portugal and the Netherlands, all of which, at the time of writing, are additionally under the “all but important travel” rule.

But what does this imply in case you’ve already booked a trip to Croatia?

Essentially, your vacation is cancelled. So you will have to get in contact with your travel agency, tour operator or airline.

You’re entitled to a refund for cancelled holidays. However there are some elements that come into play whether you have got a package deal vacation, flights only, or booked your flights and lodging separately – we have highlighted what you have to know in each case below.

Read Below in case you’ve Booked a Trip to Croatia

Package holidays: Your vacation is more likely to be cancelled. Get in contact with your tour operator, travel agency or travel agent. Most firms are additionally providing choices like re-booking for a later date, or vouchers to use on future holidays.

Flights only: If the flight got cancelled, you’re entitled to a refund. Nonetheless, some airlines have not been cancelling regardless of modifications in FCO advice, so in this occasion you might want to negotiate with your airline, or compromise for instance by accepting vouchers or the choice to re-book for a later date.

Flights and lodge booked separately: You will need to negotiate with your airline and lodging. It might be that you just’re not offered a full refund, however you possibly can bag vouchers for future journeys. In case you have an annual journey insurance policy that you have purchased pre-pandemic, you might be able to claim. Check your policy details and get in contact with your provider.

It is worth noting that due to the sheer number of affected travellers, most corporations are prioritizing holidaymakers because of travel within the subsequent few weeks.

Due to this fact in case you have a trip that is just a few months away, it might be that you just’re requested to get in contact once more closer to the departure date – and the agency might not yet cancel your journey in case advice modifies once more within the meantime.

You may see the latest FCO Croatia advice here.

As for travel insurance?

In case you have an current policy that you took out earlier than the pandemic broke. Then chances are they’ll cover for out of pocket losses. Examine your policy details and get in contact with your insurance provider.

Nonetheless, take note that in case you choose to disregard FCO advice and travel anyway, that is more likely to invalidate your travel insurance.

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