Crew members reveal the causes of strange sounds during the flight

Crew members reveal the causes of strange sounds on board the aircraft during the flight

The crew members of the Australian airline Qantas have revealed the reasons for the strange sounds and noises of different tones on board of the aircraft during the flight. Writes about this Daily Express.

In particular, one of the first sound signals in the aircraft cabin is immediately after take-off. Depending on the carrier, the sound indicate that the pilots have removed the landing gear of the aircraft, or that flight attendants can start serving passengers and serving soft drinks.

In addition, a single sound in the middle of a trip usually means that one of the passengers needs the assistance of flight attendants. Also, a different tone, high or low, can be received when someone from the pilots needs food or drink and he contacts colleagues in another section of the aircraft.

“Many people find it scary when they hear non-standard sounds on board. But there is no reason to be afraid of them – passengers should understand what most of them mean .,” – stated in the material.

On June 9, the network also noted that there are certain ways of interaction of flight attendants with the cockpit during the flight using sounds. In particular, the crew give signals under certain circumstances. Such as, when an emergency situation arises on board. a zone of turbulence is approaching, or when the flight attendants at different ends of the liner need to talk.

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