Concern Over ‘Wildlife Trap’ Strategy of HS2 in Fairford Leys

Concern Over 'Wildlife Trap' Strategy of HS2 in Fairford Leys
Polythene put up by HS2 workers

Issues are rising over HS2 strategies of catching and transporting wildlife in Fairford Leys.

Polythene sheeting and buckets have been arrange across the former golf club site. In a bid by ecologists to lure and relocate animals which have gotten trapped inside.

However some residents and campaigners are reporting that trapped animals like voles and frogs are dying because of this technique, and that it’s merciless.

In a single picture posted to a local Facebook group, 2 lifeless mice were in one of many buckets. The buckets do have holes in them. However, campaigners say that these small holes rapidly get blocked. Which leaves the vessels vulnerable to getting stuff by rainwater making a drowning hazard.

Fairford Leys resident Sue Stopps has written to MP Rob Butler to precise her deep concern.

Polythene put up by HS2 workers, Fairford Leys
Polythene put up by HS2 workers

An extract from the letter reads: “Any animals who’re unlucky enough to fall into the traps are then prone to drown. That is far from being conservation and appears to me to be akin to genocide.

“I lately had a long conversation with a young HS2 ecologist on the golf course site and requested him what would occur to all of the polythene when it has ultimately taken down. With out hesitation he stated that it was unlikely they’d be capable of re-use it so it might all go to landfill!

“Now, let me think….what’s it we’re all informed we have to use less of? Oh sure, plastic! How can an ecologist probably be pleased with this case?

“He informed me that he works for HS2 as´╗┐ he believes he’s serving to the wildlife….

“This technique of trapping wildlife is completely shameful, as is HS2’s basic perspective in direction of our stunning countryside, our wildlife and our communities.”

HS2 Limited has approached for comment.

Above all, to join The Bucks Herald’s HS2: Enough Is Enough campaign group click HERE

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