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[Solved] Why don't my parents want to go to the sea with me?  


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I am 14 years old, I haven't received my passport yet, I am learning English, and I live in the Eastern district of the Moscow region. I persuaded my parents to go to the sea in Turkey or Greece, to a 4-5-star hotel with three water parks, for 100000-200000 rubles, for 10 days, but it turned out that my parents did not want to spend money, because they had to pay 150,000 rubles for a loan for my father's car and for a high-class apartment. What should I do? I want to travel by sea. Where can I get money for a three-way trip? In our city, there are several vacancies for working as a promoter/advertiser/courier for 14 years without experience, from 30,000 to 70,000 rubles per month.

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Hello there!Look, you should also understand your parents. After all, everyone has their own problems. concerns and matters related to the family.In order for you to work, you also need your parents ' consent.You can try it of course, but it is unlikely that it will give you good results.You should really talk to your parents about this. Calculate their monetary expenses.Tell them you're interested in traveling.Agree on everything.In General, talk to them about all this, as for money and your family problems for them.