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[Solved] What are some Common Hindi words and phrases in India?  



Common Hindi words and phrases when visiting India?

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Although English is fine in most parts of India, there are some sections of Indian society that do not know any English at all. They usually will be bell-boys of hotel rooms, rickshaw drivers, porters and so on. So it it’s a good idea to polish on some basic Hindi words and phrases for your travels India. Hindi is not spoken everywhere in India, although most places in India, there are people who are able to speak in Hindi. So if you do manage to speak some of these

Hindi words and phrases, you will still be understood in most parts of India expect the very Southern states of India namely

Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Here are some common Hindi words, phrases and sentences.

Hello – Namaste

Thank you – Sukriya or Dhanyevaad

Who are you - Aap kaun hai

Sorry – Maaf Keejiye

Please – Kripya

What is your name - Aap ka kya naam hai

Where are you from - Aap kaha se hai

Where are you going - Aap kaha ja rahe hai

This is my seat - Ye mera seat hai

This is mine - Ye mera hai

This is yours - Ye aap ka hai

This suitcase is mine – Ye suitcase mera hai Where is my luggage – Mera saamaan kaha


Morning – Subah

Night – Raat

Today- Aaj

Tomorrow – Kaal

Temple – Mandir

Mosque – Masjid

Okay – Thik hai

Let’s go - Chalo

Stop – Ruko

Clothes – Kapra

These clothes are mine - Ye mera kapra hai

Towel – Tauliya

Toilet - Suchalay

Soap – Sabun

I want to go to the toilet – Mujhe sauchalay

jana hai

Food - Khana

Chapattis - Roti

Rice - Chawal

Lentils - Daal

Sugar – Cheeni

Water - Paani

Tea – Chai

Vegetables – Subjee

Fruits -Phal

I want a plate of rice – Mujhe ek plate rice chaiye

I want a plate of chicken curry – Mujhe ek

plate chicken curry chahiye

I want a plate of vegetable curry –Muhe subji ke curry chahiye

I want 1 chapatti – Mujhe ek roti chahiye

Where is the railway station - Railway station kaha hai

Where is the hotel - Hotel kaha hai

Where is the taxi stand – Taxi stand kaha hai

Where is the driver – Driver kaha hai

Where can I buy tickets – Tickets kaha milega

What is the price of a ticket – Ek ticket ka daam kya hai

Give me one ticket - Ek ticket chahiye

Give me two tickets - Do ticket chahiye

How much is this - Ye kitnay ka hai

I want this - Mujhe ye chahiye

Lower the price - Daam kum keejiye

One - Ek

Two - Do

Three - Teen

Four - Char

Five - Panch

Six - Chhai

Seven - Saath

Eight - Aath

Nine - Nau

Ten - Dus


If anyone wants to learn more of these can let me know,i i will leave some links here