Colorado Parks and Wildlife seized a wild fox from Human Captivity

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife seized a wild fox from a Colorado Springs resident. It’s unlawful to hold wild animals in Colorado and is a misdeed punishable by a $100 .

Officers stated they discovered the lady by way of her Instagram web page, which dates back to May 2018 when the animal was a small kit. She posted many of photographs and videos clips of the fox. Colorado Parks and Wildlife stated a few of the pictures confirmed the fox in a collar and consuming human meals.

The organization is now reminding individuals to keep wildlife wild and not having them captive. In accordance with a press release, officers needed to euthanize the fox as it had been in captivity for 2 years. Wildlife officers decided it might not have the ability to survive if released again into the wild.

“Folks can not take care of wildlife better than their mother and father,” Frank McGee, Area Wildlife Manager for the Pikes Peak region, stated. “It’s selfish as well as irresponsible to take these animals from the wild.”

McGee reminds folks that in the event you see a child wildlife animal that appears orphaned or deserted, leave it alone and don’t touch it. As an alternative, call wildlife officers to allow them to assess the scenario.

This was so unnecessary as well as saddening for the fox as well as our officers,” McGee stated. “Folks usually assume they’re serving to when they pick up wildlife. They aren’t. These are wild animals. They aren’t meant to reside in captivity.” 

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