Baits Containing Rabies Vaccine to be Dropped in Northern Cattaraugus County for Wildlife

Baits Containing Rabies Vaccine to be Dropped in Northern Cattaraugus County for Wildlife

Someday next week, airplanes are anticipated to begin dropping small green bait packs containing rabies vaccine for raccoons over a number of cities in northern Cattaraugus and Allegany counties.

It’s an expansion of a program the U.S. Division of Agriculture has carried out in Erie and Niagara counties since the early 1990s when rabies spread via Western New York’s raccoon inhabitants, in accordance with Eric Wohlers, director of the Cattaraugus County Health Department’s Environmental Health Division.

Wohlers informed members of the county Board of Health through a digital ZOOM video conference Wednesday that the program is a part of a push throughout the Eastern seaboard over the subsequent 30 years to stamp out rabies amongst raccoons, a significant vector for the lethal illness.

The USDA will distribute 626,400 bait vaccination packet over Erie, Niagara, Genesee, Orleans, Wyoming, Allegany, Cattaraugus as well as Chautauqua counties, he added. Primarily based on the USDA distribution map, it will affect three Cattaraugus County cities— Perrysburg, Freedom and Yorkshire. Parts of 5 different cities would also affected: Dayton, Persia, Otto, East Otto and Ashford. A small area of western parts of the Allegany towns of Rushford and Centerville are included within the vaccine drop.

Once raccoons eat the wildlife rabies vaccine contained within the baits, it will vaccinated them against rabies. “Throughout the baiting period, residents might even see and listen to low-flying plane,” stated Wohlers. People and pets can’t get rabies from the bait.

What If You Came Across a Rabies Vaccine Bait Pack

Wohlers suggested residents who encounter 1 within the subsequent week or 2 to toss it somewhere wildlife is more likely to discover it. You should wear gloves when shifting them, and preserve it away from pets and kids. If the bag is broken, get rid of the matchbox-sized packets within the garbage. Together with the vaccine, the packets contain vegetable shortening, vegetable oil, wax, icing, sugar and flavoring to encourage raccoons to eat them.

Airplanes will cover the rural areas, helicopters- the suburban areas and the automobiles will cover the populated areas.

The USDA has partnered with the state Department of Health, county health departments, Cornell University as well as the Seneca Nation to combat rabies in wildlife.

Wohlers stated the USDA plans are to eradicate rabies in New York along with New England within subsequent 5 years. And proceed the vaccinated bait program southward to Georgia over the following 25 years.

In different rabies information, there have been additionally 8 post-exposure rabies vaccinations in July. Usually given when it’s not possible to examine the animal. They included bites from three bats, a cat, a dog, a raccoon, a skunk as well as a woodchuck.

Wohlers stated the July 11 drive-through rabies clinic on the Cattaraugus County Fairgrounds was profitable. However lengthy because of delays from a thunderstorm and power outage. They vaccinated 609 animals: 446 dogs, 159 cats and 4 ferrets. The subsequent rabies clinic will probably be Sept. 19.

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