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about us

Who are we

The Spherical is a publication for those who want to get better every day.

We tell you about everything that makes life better, answer complex questions in a simple way, help readers to solve problems and make everyday life meaningful.

We love work, health ,travel, talk about relationships and finances, do not hesitate to check out our other lifestyle blogs and practical tips for all areas of life.


To correct the imperfections of the world and make the reader’s life better: answer questions, solve problems, motivate, inspire, broaden horizons, teach, entertain. We want our reader to dig deeper, understand better, see the things with different perspective.

We are against trash and all kinds of toxicity, addictions and time eaters, illiteracy and greed, complexes and passivity, crowds and dullness. Our call is to see more, think bigger, live longer, love brighter, run faster, dream more daringly.


The purpose of each article on The Spherical is to answer all possible questions on the topic and not to provoke new ones with unfortunate wording. There is no water in our texts (huge descriptions that do not carry any meaning), pseudoscientificity, terms that make it difficult to understand and unknown to Google, far from the reality of advice.

To know more about us, contact us at contact@thespherical.com

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”