9 Best Heated Insoles UK 2021 (UPDATED!!)

As the winters arsing traveling in winters will be a nightmare. Especially for the older people. The average low of London during December- February can go low upto 41°F (5°C). Freezing temperatures and rainfall is very common. The best solution to this and prevent chills is to buy Heated Insoles. They come in different types, some are battery operated some can are just sliding ones and some can be recharged as well. We have shortlisted 9 Best Heated Insoles to help you fight cold. These can also be good Heated Insoles for hunting boots.

What To Look In Heated Insoles before buying?

Before buying heated insoles there are few things to keep in mind. First and the foremost is the heating feature and how much time will the heat last. On an average they can last up 8-9 hours. Second most important factor when buying needs to be is it’s comfortable and can long last.

There are two types available,one which can be charged and the others which are one time use. One time use insoles shall only be bought if you are going for a short vacation to a cold place.

Top 3 Best Heated Insoles




Upstartech Heated Insole

Thermrup Heated Thermal Insoles

1. SEGMINISMART Heated Insoles

SEGMINISMART Heated Insoles, USB Insoles,Foot Warmers, Thermal Soles, USB Winter Warm Shoe Insole,Rechargeable Heating Cuttable Insole, size 40/44

Hands down the best heated insole on the Amazon even the best one which can be used for heated insoles. These rechargeable ones can easily be slid into shows and it’s equal distribution of heat keeps your feet warm and comfortable. You can even cut the insole for your shoe size that makes it compatible with every shoe size.

These are washable and can be used again and again. Though you can not control the amount of heat it produces but it neither is too hot or too cold, it’s pleasant. It can also be charged with a power bank so you can easily last it the whole day. One charge lasts up to 6 hours. It performs at low 5V which makes it safer.

  • Simple To Use
  • Inexpensive
  • Heating
  • Heat can not be controlled
  • Has a lab smell to it

2. Upstartech Heated Insole

Upstartech Heated Insole

If you are looking for a rough and tough insole which is good for hardcore hobbies like hunting or fishing this ones for you. It can go upto 118 ℉ (55 °C) and has three different heating levels High,Medium and Low. It also comes with a remote control to change the temperature with a press of a button.

High (III)Medium (II)Low (I)
4+ hours6+ hours8+ hours

Uses different technology than SEGMINISMART Heated Insoles which makes it wireless. Though the Medium level is perfect for almost every situation and chances are you won’t even use the High level. You can cut the sole accordingly to your feet size. Though it’s a little thick and we will recommend using them in tight shoes as it also increase a little of height.

It is made with carbon fibre like material which helps in insulating and also makes it look good and waterproof. A must buy for hyper active people who like spending time outdoors hunting in spine chilling weathers.

  • Heating Levels
  • Looks Good
  • Wireless
  • A little expensive
  • Not as comfortable as rivals

3. Thermrup Heated Thermal Insoles

9 Best Heated Insoles UK 2021

Uses a little different rubber technology than others known as FIR (Innovative far infrared) which improves it’s built quality. Buyer can cut it according to size ranging from 6-14 UK size. It works a little different from others, comes with Li-ion battery with temperature controller (No remote control), and a battery holder which straps above the ankle or near your knee.

It has 6mm thickness which makes it good and comfortable for a little lose shoes. A perfect buy for elderly people. It comes with 2* 7.4V lithium-ion batteries which can last upto 6 hours. It is on a little costlier side but the built quality makes it good for long time usage.

Overall it’s a neat package with very less wires and good cable solution which makes it optimum for winter sports or for elderly people who are on wheel chair or suffering from chronic cold.

  • Innovative far infrared(FIR) rubber
  • Best for Winter sports
  • Battery Holder
  • On expensive side
  • No cushioning

4. Thermic Sole Perform Heating Insoles

Thermic Sole Perform Heating Insoles

This is the Best Heated Insole in terms of comfort level. Its 3D ergonomics gives a secure hold of the feet making it very good for running situtaions while hunting.It is very easy to slid in shoes feature and perfectly fits in any kind of shoes. The heat distribution throughout the insole is very good. On my recent visit to Oxfordshire for pigeon hunting I used these and I must say it works brilliantly.

It is simple straight forward and gets the job done.It can be difficult to understand how to use it for the first timers but as soon as you understand the flow,nothing can be easier. I have also used it for long drives and it turns out very comfy and made whole experience nice and warm.

The only drawback we felt was ,you need to purchase the battery pack separate. The best we suggest is Thermic Sole Perform Heating Insoles

  • Fit
  • 3D Ergonomics
  • Worth the price
  • Instructions not simple
  • No battery included

5. Warmawear Deluxe Wireless Heated Insoles

9 Best Heated Insoles UK 2021

These are the most expensive ones in this list. But, the best in terms of self reliant system and ease of portability. It comes with no wires, everything is hidden and installed in the insoles itself. Has a light weight design for maximum comfort.Comes with handy bag to carry them.

It is also waterproof and made of breathable elements to keep your feet sweat less. It comes with a USB charging cable with two USB ports to charge both sides at the same time.One full charge lasts up to 4-5 hours.It is powered with Lithium Ion batteries. It also comes with a wireless remote with three different heating levels.

It has good guidelines to cut the sole according to the size. The whole package makes it the best buy for older people though costly.

  • Simple Design
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Costly
  • Battery Life

6. Thermopad sole warmers – 10 pairs of heat pads

9 Best Heated Insoles UK 2021

If you are looking for the heated shoe warmers which does not requires any battery pack and can be used instantly without any pre-heating ,this ones for you. This product comes with 10 pairs with sole warmers,every pack keeps your sole warm for 8 hours as soon as the pack is opened. It is a good option for people who are just looking forward to a temporary trip to a colder place.

It is made up of natural ingredients charcoal, water,Iron powder, salt and vermiculite and keeps temperature consistent to 37° C.

Those who suffers from ice blocks in winter are really well served, I did not have a long time with them but for few hours outdoors (walk with dog/Riding) and it kept my feet warm . Who buys the soles a few sizes larger will certainly enjoy it very much.

  • Instant Use
  • 8 hours of usage
  • Size a little small
  • So thin that slides at the back of the shoe

7. Warmawear Battery Heated Insoles

9 Best Heated Insoles UK 2021

These are the perfect ones for ski boots.Very easy to cut and fir 5-9 UK sizes. It regulates the heat wisely but not as good as competitors, these insoles only regulates heat in yellow stripped areas but not the whole insole.

The second minus point would still be that there is only one on/off switch and no heat can be regulated. I personally find the heat as far as OK. The three AAA batteries last approx. 12-18 hours depending on the type of quality. The built quality is very durable and comes with battery pack.Good for people suffering from chronic cold .

The majority of the heat produced is in the toe area and easy to slid from one shoe to another.Comes with battery pack and lead.

  • Best For Ski
  • Best Battery life
  • No heat regulation
  • Heating not up to the mark

8. Hot Hands Insole Warmer – Pack of 8

9 Best Heated Insoles UK 2021

Unlike Thermopad sole warmers – 10 pairs of heat pads I have been using them for years for short treks and cycling in early mornings and they have not let me down. This is a 8 pair pack. Each pair starts heating as soon as it comes in contact with Oxygen and for 8-9 hours. These are one time use insoles made by natural ingredients.

It has adhesive to keep it stick with in the shoe but the insole is so slim that you might even forget about them but during activities like running the insole goes at the back of the shoe making the whole experience bad. These can be used well during spectating or fishing. The consistency of heat it provides is way too good than rivals. These are probably one of the best ready to use air activated heated insole available in market.

  • Use of Natural Ingredients
  • 8-9 Hours of Usage
  • Price
  • Too slim
  • One time usage

9. Hot Hands Instant Insole Foot Warmers. 4 Pairs

9 Best Heated Insoles UK 2021

I listed these already or the pack of 8 and I am listing them again for the pack of 4. These are hands down the best Instant Heated Insoles you can purchase.After my extensive usage of this product I can state that this is the must have luxury(though cheap), everyone must carry while traveling to a very cold place.

The fit is so perfect that you will probably end up purchasing it again after one successful experience. These can also turn to be a good to elderly as they can proof very efficient. For long term usage I would recommend the rechargeable ones as they can last for years. These can be a good asset for short trips.Heating is so good that it once kept my alive during a trek with -10 degrees Celsius.

  • Use of Natural Ingredients
  • 8-9 Hours of Usage
  • Price
  • Too Slim
  • One time usage