8 Tips How Not To Do Online Dating

8 Tips How Not To Do Online Dating

Stereotyped compliments, excessive assertiveness and other tricks that no one likes. We have prepared 8 Tips How Not To Do Online Dating.

1. Start the dialogue with “Hello-how-are-you”.

As well as copying ready-made pick-up lines from various ancient collections. You know, the whole “Your eyes shine like stars!” or “I got a call from heaven saying the most beautiful angel escaped from them”.

If you’re hooked on something other than looks, you’ll find something to say. No one expects poems or jokes on the level of a professional stand-up comedian. Just tell them about yourself, explain why you like them, why you’re writing, and what you’re looking for.

8 Tips How Not To Do Online Dating

2. Ignoring the bio

“Who needs to read these bios, there’s not enough time for everyone!” – There are a lot of unpleasant surprises waiting for someone who thinks that way. For instance, he invites a girl he likes to a steakhouse and gets an angry rejection. Because she’s a vegetarian and she wrote that in her profile. Or a woman who wants to have a serious relationship only finds out a few days later that the new acquaintance is looking for a sexual partner. He’s not interested in marriage or children.

You don’t want to spoil your mood and waste your time with someone who isn’t “yours”. So don’t be lazy to fill out your profile and carefully read other people’s.

3. Insist on meeting right away

Especially if you are not looking for a one-time sex affair, but a serious relationship. For one thing, it can be dangerous – especially for women. And some of the red flags – boorishness, aggression or possessiveness – can be picked up before the meeting.

By the way, before meeting it is a good idea to ask for the details of their social networking site and google whether he is wanted by the police, whether he has any debts, whether he has a bank of enforcement proceedings or any other skeletons in his wardrobe. And make sure you tell your loved ones where and with whom you are going.

8 Tips How Not To Do Online Dating

4. Giving compliments

Surprise: not everyone likes compliments. Especially if they are vulgar and relate only to appearance and not to personal qualities. Some women think that a compliment is a sign that the other person is interested in her only as a pretty picture and not as a person.

Imagine: you write in your profile that you step-dance, read Lorca or are going on a trip around the world. And you’re texting cheap in private messages. I don’t think that’s gonna make them happy.

So be sincere and don’t use clich├ęs or vulgarity. And don’t forget that you can and should praise not only looks: Everyone likes to hear a charming and good sense of humour person.

5. Sending dick pictures

Psychologists, sexologists and anthropologists have puzzled over a terrible riddle: why do men send women pictures of their penises without asking. There is no answer to this question; science is powerless so far. But there are several versions: men think that dick pictures are funny, they think that this picture is supposed to excite women, and, finally, they want their female companion to praise their penis.

Women, however, for the most part, don’t want to praise anything, they don’t laugh and they aren’t dying to. On the contrary, they perceive it as a gross violation of boundaries.

In general, the chances of attracting a woman in this way are not very high. But there’s a good chance of getting a furious backlash.

6. Talking only about yourself

It’s just like a real conversation. Everyone likes to be listened to, admired, asked questions, and shown interest in every possible way. However, it is very tiresome to read or listen to an endless stream of self-praise in person.

So keep a balance and try to write not only you but also the other person. Ask questions, show interest.

8 Tips How Not To Do Online Dating

7. Meeting someone on a site that is not intended for that purpose

What do people do when they want to meet someone online? They register on dating sites, they advertise in groups, and eventually, they put the status “actively looking for someone” on their page.

A profile on Facebook or Instagram is not in itself an invitation to get to know someone.

Yes, even if the photos are incredibly beautiful. Most likely, a person communicates with friends on social networks, gets hooked on memes and listens to music, so she will not be too happy if a stranger knocks on his door.

A job-hunting ad or an ad for a bicycle for sale is also not, strange as it may seem, a reason to get to know someone. A person wants to earn extra money, not to find a spouse or a lover. So if you do try to meet someone on a site that is not intended for that purpose, be prepared to get rejected.

8. Do not accept rejection

No response to your message? Or do they respond, but with a firm and emphatic rejection? Say goodbye, erase your conversation history and look for someone else. Even if you really like him or her. Even if you think you’ve been unfairly rejected. “No” means no, so no need to bombard the person with messages, push, manipulate, insult, stalk on social media. Some might find it romantic, but others might report you to the police.

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