7 AMAZING Least Visited Destinations: RUN FROM ALL

7 AMAZING Least Visited Destinations: RUN FROM ALL



Quaint colorful fields in the village of DONGCHUAN, in the southwest- Noah of China’s Yunnan province is a must see at least once in your life! Due to the abundance of iron in the soil, plants have whether bright red, yellow and orange shades – from a hill Red lands resemble a patchwork quilt. When you look at pictures from these destinations, it’s hard to believe that this is not photoshop! And neither what kind of tourists, only locals and authentic flavor. You can get to the village only on your own: ready-made tours not. The easiest way is to fly from Beijing or Shanghai to Kunming, and then take a bus – some 180 kilometers, and You’re at the place.

There is no reference to the season: at different times of the year the valley painted in different colors, each of them in its own way Sep Interestingly, the world learned about Dongchuan only in the 1990s, thanks to one Chinese photographer. At first he tried keep this place a secret – and I understand it! Traveler nicks still got here, but they really are very few – not so there are many people who are not deterred by such a long journey.



Another original route for those who think that everything is already saw. Uyuni Salt Flats is a dried up prehistoric lake among the Andes, covered with a thick layer of salt. You need to go here in the rain zones, when the salt is covered with a layer of water and turns into a huge mirror. And it reflects the blue sky of Bolivia – impressive! In November, you can see a unique natural phenomenon – three species of flamingos fly to the lake: Andean, chi- Liysky and James’ flamingos.

7 AMAZING Least Visited Destinations: RUN FROM ALL

In short, the connection between reality and sleep is lost here! You will have to get to Uyuni with a transfer. kami: first by train (they run from several Bolivian cities), and then drive an SUV in a small groups – in recent years, Bolivians have begun to organize similar travel.



Ideal for those looking to enjoy the Japanese landscape. nature and plunge into the unhurried life of the province, providing stay away from noisy cities, cars, shopping centers and places of interest. The contrast will be especially striking if you go from Tokyo! Iriomote is the largest of the Yaeyama group of islands in the southwest of Okinawa. Almost all of its territory Ria is hilly and covered in rainforest – through the jungle you can get there by boat or take a walk. If you’re lucky, then you will meet unique animals – Iriomote-Yamaneko, subspecies Bengal cats that live only on this island.

Not the coast is also less interesting – it is worth looking at the largest coral reefs in Japan. Sometimes tourists get here, there is even a company that organizes interesting trips. But mostly Japanese, so from the crowd, the English and Russian speech you will definitely rest. And yet – on the Iriomote you need be sure to try the seafood dishes!


The Faroe Islands is a non-trivial and lively place in itself written, and getting to the MYKINES HOLMUR lighthouse is a challenge for those who want to take pictures worthy of being a photo wallpaper. There are very few local residents on the island of MYKINES- about 20 people. If you wish, you can meet everyone! And next with him there is an even more secluded rocky island MYKINES HOLMUR, with a postcard beacon in the middle. To reach him you can use a 35-meter bridge. One could say that he popular with tourists if they weren’t so few.

First, from Denmark or Norway, you need to fly to Tórshavn, and there already look for a ferry or a helicopter to MYKINES. Go Better from May to October – otherwise it will be colder, and more difficult to find transportation. But the views are simply mind-blowing ! If you’re lucky, take a photo of huge bird colonies, here there are a lot of puffins and northern gannets.


7 AMAZING Least Visited Destinations: RUN FROM ALL

I will say without exaggeration – this is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Marble Caves, or the Marble Temple, like them called the Chileans, are located in Patagonia, on the shore of Lake General Carrera. This is a whole complex of bizarre rocky formations of white marble that arose thousands of years ago due to complex tectonic processes. Depending on the time not a year or a day, the water here changes its color, and plays with it paints and marble. But the best time to travel is in winter and in early spring, when the water level is low and you can easily sail to the Marble Temple by boat.

You need to get from the capital of Santiago (by the way, the city itself is very beautiful and colorful), then cover about 1300 kilometers in an SUV to the town of Koyayke, and from there there are some 300 kilometers to the village of Puerto Rio Tranquilo. There is a pier where you can rent a boat and finally get to the coveted caves. The path is long, but insanely picturesque – this is a journey for sure remember for life.

6. Mogo Mogo Island (PANAMA)

The same uninhabited island where the project “Island of swarms ”, as well as filming of the British and Russian show“ Po- the last hero. ” If you also want to be in tropical jungle in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, learn to survive wildlife and test your strength, then a week trip with the project “Island of Heroes” – the best option. And funnily enough it sounds the easiest.

Get here on your own blematical: first flight to Panama (alas, direct communication from Russia not), then search for a ferry to the Pearl Islands, they same Las Perlas. The journey is long and expensive, but worth it. it – it’s hard to describe the stunning shade of the water, white sand, no the incomparable sound of the waves and the whole variety of local flora … A nice bonus – none of your friends have ever been there! It’s one of the least visited destinations in the world.


Instagram is going to explode! Lake Hillier Pink is unique in that its waters literally have a bright pink shade of blessing giving the rare algae Dunaliella brackish and some microorganisms. It is interesting that scientists figured out the composition the water of this lake just a few years ago – before that there was the nature of such an unusual color is not entirely clear. In pink you can swim in the lake – it is completely safe, but the water so salty that you will lie on it like on an inflatable mattress.

This is even more impressive than the Dead Sea! And around eucalyptus forest and silence … All because to get to the reservoir ma is not easy, but, as we have already found out, this is a list of the sky local places for those who are determined! The lake is on the uninhabited island of Middle, planes of small private companies that transport only small groups or single tourists. Ideal for those who want to finally take a break from people!

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