6 Best iPhone 12 Travel Accessories UK 2021

6 Best iPhone 12 Travel Accessories UK 2021

Well iPhone 12 has just released and we are excited as much as you are and I already ordered two.One for my wife (her advance birthday gift) and one for me. We quite often have to travel to different places so that we can keep pulling up some good blogs and share our experience so that you have a flawless vacation. Sometimes we travel together and sometimes a solo trip. So we decided to buy ourselves iPhone 12 accessories along. After a good amount of time spend and reviewing products and being a former iPhone 11 owner, we pretty much knew what we are up-to, so presenting you 6 Best iPhone 12 Travel Accessories.




Sony WF-1000XM3

Bellroy Phone Case for iPhone 12

Bellroy Phone Case for iPhone 12

Sony WH-1000XM4


Smartish iPhone 12

Best iPhone 12 Travel Accessories

1. Sony WF-1000XM3

  • Best Noise Cancellation
  • Good Battery Life
  • Very Light Weight In Ears

I am not really a fan of In-ear earphone, since I always have a fear of losing them, until I bought these. They fit very nicely and a must have travel accessory for your iPhone 12. Sony gives 7 pair of earbuds along with them. Though after seeing the size of the earphones I was unsure if they gonna fit. No matter how much I head bang to rock music, they are not going anywhere.

Now the most important aspect of an earphone, music. These are not for the bass heads but love the crystal clear music and enjoy high quality. The earphones handle the pitches very impressively be it a female voice or a male. Obviously these are not the best for sound monitoring, but best if you cannot travel without good music, especially flights .

Talking about noise cancellation, everyone knows there is no better technology than of Sony’s. So Sony WF-1000XM3 are no exceptions. They are a genius piece of technology. Sometimes it’s scary how you could so people talking while taking trains but cannot hear a single word, sometimes wind noise do make it through but it’s negligible producing no disturbance. Sony claims that it can last up to 8 hours on a single charge, but according my test and time with it, it did not lasted more than 6.5 hours and then you can charge the earphones in the case itself for 3 more times hassle free. Its definitely worth your money and a must have iPhone 12 Travel accessory.

2. Bellroy Phone Case for iPhone 12

  • Store Upto 3 cards
  • Environment Friendly Leather
  • 3 year warranty

Bellroy is a brand who clearly knows what it’s doing. Disclaimer, this one is always limited in stocks so buy ASAP. The material used in environment friendly leather. The construction and design of the cover is very smooth with no sharp corners and a seamless design. You can fit upto 3 cards in it for faster purchases on airport or in a busy line. Apple pay and wireless charging also work like a breeze with no interruptions whatsoever.

6 Best iPhone 12 Travel Accessories UK 2020

It also a clever quirky feature, the flap for card holder also works like a table top stand for your iPhone. The best part if you ask me about this is it’s hidden compartment where you can store your extra sim and sim ejector when you arrive to your destination. It not only looks stylish but works like a charm and is not good in looks but is very durable making it second bestBest iPhone 12 Travel Accessory.

3. Bellroy Phone Case for iPhone 12

If you want a simpler options in same built quality and with no card compartments, you can go for this cheaper version Bellroy Phone Case for iPhone 12. It’s perfect, very lightweight and very good texture leather gives it a premium feel just like the new iPhone 12. I bought this one for me because I wanted a much simple design than the other one. Highly recommended for both the models, no matter which you choose both are worth your money.

4. Sony WH-1000XM4

  • Sound Quality
  • Active Noise Cancellation Is Industry Leading
  • Quality and Comfort are top notch

This headphones is the best Bluetooth headphones I’ve ever had and I’m really happy with them! I guess I’ll keep it for more than two years (until they come with a newer one) The sound is really good! Very lively with a high spectrum! Whether rock, classic or house – he gets everything perfect and you may catch yourself with unpopular songs to bounce your head, because with these headphones everything sounds good!

I’m not an audiophile nor a sound technician, but I work at the computer 8 hours every day and I like to listen to music in the most stressful times. I wear glasses and I commute, so I carry headphones many hours, around vehicles, shops, cars, office and with the stick of the glasses always present.

For this reason I had opted after very long searches and tests for the Sony WH-1000XM3 and now that the new model has come out, the 1000XM4 I couldn’t resist taking them. For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, these are at the moment and in my opinion the elite among wireless headphones with noise cancellation from every point of view.

Furthermore, compared to the XM3 they have Bluetooth multi-point technologies: not only can you connect to multiple devices simultaneously, perhaps to your personal smartphone and work smartphone, but if for example we are calling on one device and a phone call comes on the other and we answer, the first call is put on hold and not closed, as often happens with other multi-point devices.

You connect the headphones to two phones and these XM4 can figure out which one we are using and then switch automatically from one to the other. Maybe we listen to Spotify on one phone and the call comes on the other: with a touch in the headphone you answer the call and Spotify goes on pause. After the call the music from the first phone resumes.

5. OtterBox DEFENDER

  • Best In Protection
  • Affordable
  • Lifetime Warranty

There is no better choice than OtterBox DEFENDER for you iPhone 12 if you are on the adventurous side and will be trekking somewhere around the world. This case can take it all and you don’t have to worry phone getting damaged no matter how hard it bangs around in your pocket. The Defender series is the best choice for your expensive iPhone.

From fit to finish everything is perfect. THIS THING IS BUILT LIKE A TANK, best for your travel needs. Don’t even think twice when buying this one. The best you can ask for.

6. Smartish iPhone 12

Smartish iPhone 12 cases does not only protects your devices from mishap drops but also look very bold and confident. Smartish iPhone 12 case is wirless charging compatible and are rough and tough. The sides have grip pattern for better grip of your phone comes in different design pasterns and do not cost you a fortune also making it in our 6 Best iPhone 12 Travel Accessories list.