5 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping UK 2021

best tunnel tents uk

Before you go through our tested and curated list of Best Tunnel Tents For Camping, first in for all the question arises, when there are so many types of tents, why to go for tunnel tents exactly.Types of tents-

  • Pop-up Tents
  • Dome Tents
  • Tunnel Tents
  • Ridge Tents
  • Bell Tents

If you are looking for tents with ample space for your friends and family, or you just want that extra headroom than a dome tent, than Tunnel Tents are for you. These kind of tents have a rib structure of several curved poles, giving it a cave or tunnel like structure. They are pretty easy to setup and offer very good amount of headroom. Tunnel tents are slowly coming in demand as people are getting to know about it and families who like staying in the wild and admire nature are preferring these instead of dome tents because of there reliability.

Tunnel tents are best suited for longer stays and on campsites. They withstand winds easily if they are facing them head on. So, if you want to feel like home away from home and need a versatile tent for all types of conditions and like to travel along with friends and family, tunnel tents are an exceptional choice for you. The list of Best Tunnel Tents For Camping is curated and handpicked list of top 5 tents varying from 3 to 8 person tunnel tents which we keep updating if a new rival comes up.

5 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping




1. Coleman Waterproof Tunnel Tent - Best 3 Person Tunnel Tent

2. CampFeuer - Tunnel Tent - Best 4 Person Tent

3. Coleman Tent Coastline Tunnel Tent - Best 5 Person Tent

4. CampFeuer - XXL Tunnel Tent - Best 6 Person Tent

5. Coleman Tent Coastline - Best 8 Person Tunnel Tent

1. Coleman Waterproof Tunnel Tent – Best 3 Person Tunnel Tent

5 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping UK 2021
  • Enough Space For 3 People
  • Comes With Polyester Bag
  • Good Weather Protection
  • Very Easy To Erect
  • Dimensions: Sleeping area: 3.8m², Living area: 3.4m², Total area: 7.2m²
  • Pack Size: 61 x 18 x 17cm
  • 3000mm Water Column

Coleman Waterproof Tunnel Tent is our choice of best tunnel tent to equip three person. I have personally used it. I bought this one because I wanted a tunnel tent which we can carry on casual camping grounds and sometimes trekking as well, and it did very well in both the areas. It is very easy to erect it’s tunnel like structure it has very good ground sheet made up of PE. The poles are made of fiber glass making it very lightweight and strong for bad weather conditions. The fiber used is also good for UV protection and in case of fire, does not burns rapidly giving sufficient time to escape.

5 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping UK 2021

It takes anywhere around 10-20 minutes to set it up. depending upon if one or two people setting it up. It has sufficient amount for three people and has pockets to store your phones and wallets. The porch area has so much space and headroom with very good ventilation. I have carried it in my car for every trekking trip with friends for 2 years now. The aerodynamic design and the built quality is amp. Very trustworthy to tolerate strong winds and no water leakage no matter how many hours of cats and dogs rain.

2. CampFeuer – Tunnel Tent – Best 4 Person Tent

5 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping UK 2021
  • Sufficient amount for 4 people
  • Dimensions- 410 x 250 x 190 cm
  • 2000 mm Water Column
  • One Front Entry
  • Two Side Entries
  • Comes With Carry bag
  • Groundsheet made of PE
  • 2 Cabins

A fellow mate took CampFeuer – Tunnel Tent along with his family for 10 day camping at Baltic Sea, They set it up in Dusk without any prior experience and loved how easy it is to set it up. Though it’s completely sealed but the ventilation of the fabric used (Polyester) is good, never making the inside feel suffocated. There is ample space for a small dog but no very huge.

They brought a table and three chairs along with them, and when it rained they all made it in including there other stuff with no extra space left along with them. It is well built to tolerated medium to strong winds, also has very good amount of height to stand up straight.The big advantage of its construction is that there are three fiberglass base poles to make it additionally

Conclusion, The product is really good, excellent quality/price ratio, quite simple assembly, very stable even in strong wind, sliding hinges, 3 entrances including 2 with veranda, 3 comfortable windows opening on the three outer sides of the room, very useful and ventilated interior during the day. Mosquito nets to all windows and entrances. After a whole day in a persistent rain did not give signs of infiltration. Making it in our Best Tunnel Tents For Camping list.

3. Coleman Tent Coastline Tunnel Tent – Best 5 Person Tent

5 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping UK 2021
  • Dimension- 4.55 x 3.1 x 1.85m (LxWxH)
  • Carry Bag Included
  • 4500mm Water column
  • Groundsheet made up of PE
  • Blacked Out Rooms

Heading a group of fellow travelers and photographers we bought three of these for a group of thirteen people and spent some good time and clicked some beautiful pictures of milky way galaxy on our Pentecost weekend. The priority reason we opted specifically for this tent was it’s blacked out rooms. The tent it certainly heavy, which of-course it will be because it fits 5 people and certainly is a good thing to keep us try in heavy thunderstorms and heavy winds.

The construction of Coleman Tent Coastline Tunnel Tent is a child’s play, with good guidelines, marked poles. The assembly and disassembly of the tent is super quick. The outer of the tent looks neat and has a small canopy. There is ample space for 5 people and to fit a table as-well. The front door closes quite nicely, keeping the tent secure from insects.

5 Best Tunnel Tents For Camping UK 2021

The interior cabin can be opened to the left and right, with a ventilation window in addition to the entrance. Between the two cabin entrances there are some small pockets for storing items. My phone and wallet, for example, fits well in. Since I myself slept in the middle had to do without a storage option in the inner tent. There are pockets only on the sides. The highlight was then of course the darkroom, and to the surprise it wasn’t jet black as expected. Although the coating keeps off any light, it is also used – probably for ventilation reasons.

4. CampFeuer – XXL Tunnel Tent – Best 6 Person Tent

  • Dimensions: 525 x 410 x 215 cm
  • Ample Space For 6 People
  • 5000mm Water Column
  • Very Reasonably Priced

A very great tunnel tent at this price point, no matter if you are a casual camper or a professional team of trekkers. A very good built quality and design, a very rare for the price you are paying. The tent is heavy and can take an effort setting it up as it fits 6 people. We are assuming all of them can be a helping hand in setting this up. The sleeping compartments are just way too good.

Text is very large, two connectable bedrooms plenty of space and standing height. I spend 4 weeks in the south of Italy and it endured us very pleasantly , even in the strong winds – if properly fixed with ropes. In addition, we had also experienced a 3-day storm with rain and wind and the tent remained dry inside. It takes time in assembly and disassembly and also for cleaning, but if you can manage that it’s worth the price making it Best Tunnel Tents For Camping for 6 people.

5. Coleman Tent Coastline – Best 8 Person Tunnel Tent

  • 4 separate bedrooms
  • PE Groundsheet
  • Very Spacious

It is a very easy to assemble tent , rooms with correct and enough size, with mosquito nets on the doors, the division of the two rooms can be pulled out, making a single room super wide, this operation is performed easily and quickly. The common space in front of the bedrooms is very spacious and being attached to the double roof remains clean and dry as nothing enters from the outside, there are pockets and a hook to hang the flashlight, the access door is a little uncomfortable to close it down, having to hook the zipper, one of the days when it rained, not even a drop of water entered, but when the door is opened some might sneak in, wetting the inside. On the first day we mounted it only with the ground pegs and it remained perfectly rigid.

In short it is a very wide (especially very high) and easy to assemble, a little expensive, but of good quality and totally recommendable.