10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters

10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters

Pixar cartoons are not just for entertainment purpose but they also gives us amazing life lessons. So here is a list of 10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters.

1. Don’t avoid negative emotions

“Inside Out” is the greatest cartoon ever made. As cool as the studio’s other works are, it’s the picture about the emotion that strikes at its depth. The problem the cartoon reveals has reached spontaneous proportions in real life.

Since childhood, we are taught that one should not be sad. Experience any emotion, but not sadness. It’s like something contagious. However, it is natural to be sad. Moreover, it is necessary if you want to live life for real.

10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters

This is what the authors of Inside Out are talking about. You should not suppress negative emotions all the time: sadness, anger, resentment. Such a path will lead to rash decisions and big problems in the future. That’s what happened to the girl Riley – the main character of the cartoon.

Every emotion has to be lived through, no matter how unpleasant it may be. Only in this way will you fully understand the experience and move on with your life without looking back.

2. Don’t rely on technology for everything

People today are not much different from their counterparts from the animated film “Wall-E”. The only thing that keeps us from having our feet in a chair is the lack of artificial intelligence ready to do all our chores.

10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters

As long as we have to go to the shop and work, pick up the kids from school and move around the flat on our own two feet, everything will be more or less fine. But once most processes have become automated, we’ll put our feet up and swing back in our chairs and watch videos of kitties on YouTube.

That doesn’t mean throwing your smartphone out the window and smashing your laptop. Just treat technology as an enabler, and in your spare time, do some self-development. Then no robot can take your place.

3. Help children to overcome difficulties, but do not shield them from them

The cartoon Finding Nemo touched on the old problem of the father-child relationship, bringing a different perspective. The fish Marlin was always trying to protect his child, to hide him from danger. Because of this, Nemo knew little about the world around him. And his childish curiosity led him into the hands of the fishermen.

10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters

Of course, Marlin tried to make the best of it. But excessive trying led to unfortunate consequences. Often parents try to shield children from danger, not realizing that inhibitions only fuel curiosity. Instead of control, it is better to help children understand the world. You need to set a direction and let the child take the first steps and make the first mistakes on his or her own. That’s why it make it in the list of 10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters.

4. Find your purpose

Your background does not define who you are. The protagonist of the cartoon Ratatouille realized this in time. Remy knew he had to become a chef no matter what. And he did.

10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters

We all have talents that just need to be discovered. Give up conventions and take charge of your own life. If you want to be an actor, a pilot, or an astronaut, become one. Put aside your fear and follow your dreams.

5. Don’t be afraid to take risks

A person needs to know what lies ahead. The unknown is frightening. So it was with the little sandpiper in the short film Piper. He was afraid of the ocean until a wave swept over his head. Then he saw what was hiding under the water column, and the fear instantly disappeared.


Don’t be afraid to dive into the abyss. You have no idea what rewards await you at the bottom.

6. Appreciate friendship

This idea is found in one form or another in many Pixar cartoons: Toy Story, Monsters, Inc, and Cars. True friends will always be there for you and help you in times of need. But sometimes we forget about them, and over time, the thin thread that connects us is broken. Remember that and value friendship.

Toy story

7. Don’t be afraid to be who you are

“The Incredibles” is excellent proof of this. The cartoon characters began to hide their abilities and transformed themselves from extraordinary personalities to faceless commoners. And all because they were afraid of being judged by others.

10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters

Whatever strange talents you may have, don’t be afraid to show them off. You never know where your superpowers might come in handy.

8. Remember your ancestors

The cartoon “Coco” touched on a very important topic. Not everyone remembers their ancestors, and many of them do not even know anything about them. This is upsetting because the memory of people should live on. Without our great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers, there would be no us.


But the older generation should also respect the younger ones. The cartoon character Miguel dreamed of playing the guitar, but his relatives considered music evil and suppressed the boy’s desires.

9. Let your children choose

Parents reason from their own perspective and often don’t pay attention to their children’s wishes. By suppressing a child’s personality, you run the risk of one day turning into an animal. In the cartoon Brave, this is what happened. Princess Merida became so angry at her mother that she accidentally put a curse on her.


Let your children choose their path, give them freedom and learn to forgive each other. In the cartoon, Merida was able to save her mother by sincerely forgiving her. The mother, in her turn, has drawn her own conclusions and allowed her daughter to choose what she wants to become. These are the reasons that she made in the list of 10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters.

10. Follow your dream

Sounds like a quote from a cheap motivation course. But there is wisdom in that simplicity.

We are afraid to set ambitious goals. They seem distant and unattainable. But the truth is, we make them so.

10 life lessons from Pixar cartoon characters

Figure out what you want to get out of life. And go for it, like Remy, Miguel, Lightning McQueen, and other Pixar heroes. But don’t forget: Dreams are hard to achieve on your own. Make friends, fall in love and support each other. Then you’re sure to succeed.

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